13 distinctive breeds of dog that don’t shed

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If you’re hoping to get all the companionship of a new pup without all the pet dander, it’s important to first do some research on dogs that don’t shed

Who doesn’t like dogs? They’re loyal, sensitive, helpful animals, and many of the people who don’t have a dog would love to change that – if not for one factor. Dogs, wonderful as they are, can shed quite a bit. This quality, aside from turning a couch into something resembling a hairy beast living in your home, can also be a nightmare for owners with allergies or breathing disorders.  

Luckily, there are some dogs that don’t shed nearly as much as others. Although a loyal friend and companion is a priceless thing, it’s not unreasonable to desire this without the trade-off of a home covered in fur! Read on, as the Experts on JustAnswer have offered some assistance with identifying the breeds that can spare you this despair and keep you clear of shedding hair.   

Are there hypoallergenic dogs that I can own despite my allergies?

If you have allergies that prevent you from getting yourself a canine companion, it’s natural to wonder if a non-shedding breed could be manageable. When a customer on JustAnswer asked about dog breeds that don’t shed and are also hypoallergenic, Dr. Maggie, a Veterinarian, had this to say: “There really is no such thing as a hypoallergenic dog (this is a common misunderstanding).”  

Contrary to popular belief, pet allergies aren’t aggravated by an animal’s fur. The actual source of the allergens is a component found in the urine and saliva of cats and dogs. This component, a protein, clings to the dander (dead skin flakes) that falls from the skin. As such, even breeds that don’t shed much aren’t fully hypoallergenic. The symptoms just might be easier to deal with.   

Tips for bringing a dog into a home with allergies:  

  • Look into getting a smaller dog, as they tend to shed less dander  
  • Don’t use carpets on your floors  
  • If the weather is nice where you live, consider keeping the dog outside  
  • Keep the dog out of rooms you frequent more than others, like your bedroom
  • Give your dog regular baths to remove dander from its fur  
  • Remove airborne allergens with high-efficiency air purifiers and filters  

Identifying the dogs that shed the least

Nancy, a Dog Expert on JustAnswer, was quick to relieve a customer of their misconceptions regarding dogs that don’t shed. “All dogs shed their coats,” she says, “but many do not shed very much or require grooming to remove excess coat rather than dropping it all the time.” She goes on to highlight some of the dogs that shed the least, in her estimation:  

  • Chinese Crested – These alert animals are said to be “cat-like”, due to their tendency to sit in high places, but they’re also known for their love of human companionship. They live to please, and seek to amuse their owners whenever possible. They are fairly active, but are capable of adjusting to life in an apartment.  
  • Peruvian Inca Orchid – This elegant breed comes in both coated and hairless varieties, and can also be found in small, medium and large sizes. With their keen intelligence, agility and speed, they make for great hunting or sport dogs.
  • Poodle – The poodle consistently ranks among the most popular dog breeds, and comes in three different size ranges. Known for their intelligence and eagerness to please, Poodles are extremely trainable, and are very active in general.   
  • Bichon Frise – If you desire a dog breed that is playful, cheerful, curious and resembles a walking cotton ball, look no further. Bichons are easy to train, and although they can be energetic, they also enjoy periods of downtime cuddled up with their owners.  
  • Portuguese Water Dog – They have waterproof coats and can swim for hours on end, but this breed is notable on land as well. Active and eager, they are highly trainable and affectionate animals that make for loyal, hardworking companions.
  • Yorkshire Terrier – Although toy-sized, Yorkies are brave, energetic animals that come with big personalities. These affectionate dogs are moderately active, meaning a daily walk could be sufficient for their exercise needs. 
  • Maltese – These toy dogs are quite small, typically weighing fewer than just seven pounds, and they are easily identifiable thanks to their silky coats. Their appearance isn’t everything, however, as Maltese dogs make gentle, playful pets that can adapt well to new situations. They’re also fond of learning tricks, and generally respond well to training. 
  • Shih Tzu – Although a toy dog breed, Shih Tzus are remarkably sturdy and solidly built. Their coats can be beautiful with some grooming, but they also make ideal pets for houses and apartments. They are outgoing and playful, alert and friendly, and they tend to do well with children.   

Are there big dogs that don’t shed?

Most of the dogs known for not shedding much, or being (close to) hypoallergenic, have one quality in common. They’re small! And while this is certainly not a deal-breaker for many of us, there are some prospective dog owners who just don’t see themselves opting for a toy-sized companion. But do the pet allergy-sufferers among us have any choice?  

Smaller dogs will produce less dander, but there are some medium sized and larger dog breeds that could produce less of an allergic reaction. Some examples of big dogs that don’t shed quite so much include:   

  • Airedale Terrier – The largest terrier breed, Airedales are rangy and muscular, with a combination of friendliness and confidence that make it ready for anything. Active, clever and proud, these dogs thrive on physical and mental challenges.  
  • Bedlington Terrier – Although they might resemble sheep, these dogs are notable sprinters with boundless energy stores. Their appearance makes them one of a kind, but their loyalty and fun-loving nature make them a great addition to any family that can accomodate them.  
  • Bouvier des Flandres – Big and muscular, these dogs combine a powerful form and hardworking nature with an affectionate, strong-willed temperament that makes them a good fit as a companion and protector. They enjoy having a job to do, and tend to work better with older children than younger.  
  • Lakeland Terrier – Small and sturdy with a narrow frame, Lakelands are natural hunters and workers, who also mix very well with families – particularly with kids. They are extremely active, and have a habit of escaping from backyards if not kept busy enough.  
  • Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier – With their soft coats and youthful vigor, this breed has built a reputation for being cheerful and deeply devoted. A great family dog, they don’t require quite as much exercise as other terrier breeds.  

If you’re hoping for a new, furry addition to your family (and you’re not waiting on a hairy baby), don’t let allergies stand in the way! By singling out the breed that best suits your specific needs, and taking the necessary steps to limit allergens in the air, you can get the dog of your dreams – without suffocating on all that pet dander! To learn more about dogs that don’t shed as much, and how you can choose the right one, ask the Experts on JustAnswer today.  

Know a thing or two about dogs that don’t shed? Are you currently suffocating under copious amounts of fur? Share your plight in the comments! 



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