3 Proven Benefits of Having a Mobile EHR

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It’s no secret that electronic health record (EHR) systems have revolutionized the way practices gather, organize, store, and access patient records. Some would argue that EHRs catalyzed healthcare’s pivot to the digital age.

But now that the world has gone mobile, is your EHR still up to the task of meeting your practice’s and patients’ modern needs?

To keep up with the rapidly changing healthcare landscape, you need an EHR software that supports mobile functionalities. Rather than tying you down to your office computer, a mobile EHR allows you to access your EHR’s most essential features from your smartphone or tablet. Think of it as your on-the-go practice software.

Mobile EHR is still a relatively new innovation and is not as widely used as traditional EHRs. But adopting this technology early on will future-proof your practice and give you an edge against your competitors.

However, not all EHR systems in the market today have mobile functionality. Only sophisticated systems like Meditab’s Intelligent Medical Software (IMS) offer integrated mobile tools. Modern practices need to consider mobile capabilities when shopping for their next EHR software.

Why Mobile EHR is a Must

benefits of a mobile ehr app

In today’s fully connected world, smartphones and other mobile devices are a necessity. With over 290 million smartphone users in the U.S. alone, it’s hard to deny that they are now an extension of our daily lives.

IMS’s mobile EHR app, IMSGo, leverages the latest advances in mobile technology to improve care delivery, operational efficiency, and the overall patient experience. By bringing its key features into a secure mobile application, IMS empowers providers to gain instant access to their patients’ records on the go and respond to urgent or emergency situations faster.

Benefits of Mobile EHR Apps

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Utilizing a mobile EHR benefits both your practice and patients. It gives providers more flexibility which consequently leads to better care outcomes.

1. Instant Records Access

Being a healthcare provider requires constant availability—you never know when the next emergency will come. Mobile EHRs equip you to attend to your patients’ urgent needs wherever you are.

Imagine being away from your office and one of your patients needs you to urgently interpret their lab results. Rather than scrambling back to the office or calling your staff to pull up the patient’s records, EHR apps like IMSGo allow you to access them from your mobile device.

When you can view vital patient information like patient demographic data, lab results, and medical history with just a few taps and swipes, responding to urgent requests becomes a breeze.

2. On-the-Go Prescription Management

Having a system that brings prescription information and management functionality to your phone can be extremely handy. You can track, manage, approve refill requests, and send prescriptions electronically wherever you may be. Patients no longer have to wait for you to access your office computer before they can refill their meds.

With an easy way to manage and send prescriptions, you can accelerate your prescription workflow and improve patient satisfaction.

3. Expanded Telemedicine Access

Mobile EHR apps are crucial in facilitating secure and meaningful remote consultations. With IMS, for example, providers can access its integrated telehealth service, Televisit, from its mobile EHR app, IMSGo.

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You can schedule appointments and launch virtual visits wherever you are, promoting efficient and timely medical intervention. It also allows you to collect copays before a patient can join the call to ensure that you get paid.

Incorporating a portable telemedicine solution into your workflow makes remote care convenient for both the patient and provider.

Go Mobile With IMSGo

mobile EHR IMSGo

Mobile EHR apps have the potential to transform care delivery and access in the same way EHRs revolutionized patient records. Although mobile EHR technology still has a long way to go, some EHR apps like IMSGo have already made great strides in making their platforms as feature-rich as possible.

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From smartwatch compatibility to speech-to-text support, secure fingerprint login, and other intuitive features, IMSGo redefines what it means to be mobile.

Learn More About IMSGo



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