4 easy (and affordable) ways to fix up your home

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 Want to do more than just clean this spring, but you’re strapped for cash?

Inexpensive home improvements can give your home or apartment a much-desired upgrade without spending too much money.


New wall color is by far the easiest way to give a room or several rooms in your home a facelift. If you don’t have time or money to cover all the walls, you can focus on an accent wall or space, run a bold horizontal line around a room or even paint an old piece of furniture. To give a room a cohesive feel, stick to the 60-30-10 rule of thumb: 60 percent dominant color, 30 percent accent color and 10 percent touches of a third color. Limiting the amount of colors in a room can make the space feel bigger and calm the eye, especially in smaller living spaces.


Yet another affordable and playful fix is to choose some new pillows or throws –either in bold patterns or in simple colors that play to your room’s color scheme. Have an old couch or chair with outdated upholstery? A giant piece of silk, cotton or wool in a color or pattern you love is going to run you a lot less than a new couch. Tuck the fabric tightly into the corners of the couch and consider stapling it to the back to keep it in place.

And for the kitchen and bathroom, new towels will not only add new color to your home, but will feel fresh and new when you use them.


Rugs can really change a room. Home stores like Ikea or Bed, Bath & Beyond carry large rugs at easy-on-your-wallet prices. For a more modern approach, you can purchase rug tiles online in a variety of colors and patterns that can be mixed and matched for a subdued, modern or dramatic effect.


If you’re willing to spend a little bit of money, somewhere between $500 – $1000, the best bang for buck is going to be updating fixtures in the kitchen or bathroom according to a Home Improvement Specialist on JustAnswer. Updating outdated faucets, towel bars and cabinet knobs and doorknobs are easy ways to add a noticeable difference to your kitchen or bathroom.

Did you know that May is National Home Remodeling month?

Work with a Home Improvement Specialist on JustAnswer while you finish a project and you’ll have someone at your fingertips as questions come up. 


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