A beer crafted by AI and use of AI by Aditya Birla Sun Life AMC – Weekly guide

Artificial Intelligence Developments have diluted the boundaries and moved beyond the tech-specific industries. In this week’s AI guide, we will see how AI helped a microbrewery develop a classic beer and how financial services giant Aditya Birla is using AI to enable remote Video KYC. 

There is already a beer created by Artificial Intelligence

A Swiss Company, MN Brew microbrewery, has launched the first beer named Deeper created with the help of Artificial Intelligence. The algorithm used to make the recipe for the drink is known as Brauer AI. 

The creators chose Indian Pale Ale beer, subsequently, the algorithm analysed market trends and an international database with around 157 thousand recipes to choose the type of malt and hops to use. 

How Aditya Birla Sun Life AMC Uses Artificial Intelligence

Aditya Birla Sun Life AMC has joined hands with Signzy, a fintech company, to address the logistical challenges thrown by the pandemic. Using Signzy’s technology, they are enabling both business continuity and safeguarding customers. The AI-based Video KYC solution by Signzy will allow remote customer onboarding which will be quick and seamless. 

This AI-based Video KYC solution ensures the strictest infosec regulations and data security mandates. It has also matured over dialects, browsers, and low-internet scenarios. The solution works on real-time PAN verification, facial and image recognition technology that matches the face of the customer, geological capture and IP check, and the end to end encryption and video forensics for spoof detection. 

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