A List of Artificial Intelligence (AI) Tools for Personal use – 2023

Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Over the years, there has been a lot of progress and development when it comes to artificial intelligence. Most of this progress has been geared towards the growth of businesses and industries. However, several companies are working on artificial intelligence tools fit for personal use. Artificial intelligence is said to be the next big thing, especially with all the evolution that is taking place in technology and information technology.

Artificial intelligence is the core of the current technological advancements that are taking place. AI makes machines to learn from human experience, perform tasks, and adjust to the new inputs. This article aims to give a list of artificial intelligence tools that you appropriate for personal use.

  • Scikit Learn
  • TensorFlow
  • Auto ML
  • Theano
  • PyTorch
  • Caffe
  • MxNet
  • Google ML Kit
  • Keras
  • H20: Open Source AI Platform
  • CNTK
  • OpenNN

Artificial Intelligence (AI) Personal Assistants

Siri is only available to Apple users. It is mainly designed to help users better interact with their Apple  Watch, iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch. This interaction is done in a seamless manner that allows you to converse with her. You can also ask her any questions you may have and also ask her to execute various commands. Siri accesses all the applications on your phone like messages, contacts, safari, mail, maps, etc. Siri is also useful when you want to find a particular place like sports information, entertainment joints, making phone calls, and sending messages. She’s also quickly able to check your emails and let you know what movies or plays are available, text a friend, and let them know you will be late. Additionally, she’s able to shuffle your music on iTunes, reschedule and arrange your meets and tell you in advance about the weather condition in an area you are thinking of visiting.

Designed for Microsoft Windows phones, this voice-controlled assistant is highly useful for users. The AI makes various personalised recommendations based on the data stored in the Smartphone of a user. This tool makes use of the Bing search.

This tool can come in handy for you because it helps in planning meetings.  Wondering how Amy works? Well, as soon as you get meeting requests or an email, Amy handles it. It pins down the location and time. Amy also responds to all your emails. It works by scheduling all your emails by the type and buffer. For the AI to work, you will need to update or change the status to either available or busy. Once a user does this, she will plan accordingly.

There are AI tools that come in handy, especially when you are at work. They include:

  • Mosaic: Comes in handy when you are writing curriculum vitae. It works by ensuring that you write the best resume.
  • Carly: Looking for an AI that can help you manage your phone calls? Carly should do this for you quickly. 
  • Lomi: Helps you identify any sales leads that you may have missed.
  • ETCH: This tool helps in managing all of your networks and puts them in one searchable database.
  • Woo: Helps you make smart and better decisions that will come in handy for your career.
  • Newton: Looking for your dream job? This tool will help you find your dream job.
  • Robby: Always forgetting stuff? One of the best AI tools that work as a smart calendar.
  • Notion: This tool helps with email organisation, overload, and communication.
  • Stella: Not only does this tool help you with the scanning of jobs, but it also helps with the entire application process.
  • UnifyID: This AI identifies your identity by the type, way you walk and sit.
  • Bridge kitchen: This is the perfect kitchen assistant that helps you find your way around the kitchen.
  • Ems: looking for a beautiful place to live? This AI tool will help you find a convenient and ideal place for you to live in.

Want to improve your social life and meet new people? Below are some of the AI tools of which you can make use.

  • Capsule.ai: This is a tool that helps you recall all the good times. It also brings back beautiful memories.
  • Bright crowd: If you are looking to broaden your circle to be in line with the career that you are in, this is the best AI to use. Within no time, you should make meaningful connections that will have a positive impact on your career.
  • Hashely: Many people love to post photos of themselves and their lives on social media. If you fall under this category, this is one of the best comments and hashtag generator. 
  • Rey: Introduces you to a new circle of people you have to meet. These meetups are usually for work and fun.
  • Dating.Ai: Looking for that special someone? This tool is a fantastic dating app that comes with a face search.

There are AI tools that can come in handy, especially if you or your loved one falls sick. They include:

  • Amelie: A useful chatbot that’s all about mental health. If you are dealing with psychological issues, this can be an essential tool for you. 
  • Abi: An assistant that takes care of your health.
  • Kiwi: An AI tool that helps you reduce your smoking and quit altogether. If you are struggling with smoking or quitting, try out this tool and see how useful it can turn out to be.
  • Bitesnap: A food recognition AI tool that helps you count calories by only taking a photo. 
  • Joy: Not only does it help you keep track of your mental health, but it also comes in handy to improve your overall mental health.
  • Sleep.ai: A medical AI tool that diagnoses tooth grinding and snoring.
  • Woogie: A conversational AI tool that makes the discovery and learning for children an enjoyable experience. 
  • Thirdleap: An excellent tool for children that makes math easy.

Are you a shop fanatic? These AI tools may prove to be a great addition to your shopping spree. They include:

  • Fify: An ideal tool for cloth shopping.
  • Entrupy: Helps you detect all high- end products from famous designers. It also helps you ensure that all the products you are about to buy are authentic.
  • Mode.ai: An excellent tool for finding all the clothes you want online.
  • GoFind: All someone needs to do is to take a photo, and the tool will find the clothing accordingly online.
  • Pandora: Finds you music that might interest you or you may like.
  • Aiva: Composes all emotional soundtracks for you.

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  • Andy: A tax accountant that you can make use of for all your transactions.
  • Abe: Gives you fast quick answers about questions you may have concerning your finances.
  • Wallet: This tool makes it easy for you to make your financial decisions daily.
  • Mylo: This tool rounds up all your daily purchases, and all the spare change is appropriately invested.
  • Ara: This is an essential tool that is essential, especially when it comes to budgeting your finances.
  • Roger: It makes it easy for you to pay all your bills.
  • Bond: Are you looking for an AI that will help you achieve all your financial goals? This is one tool that will work for you.
  • Ferret.ai: Helps your research quickly by making a summary of searchability and articles.
  • Apollo: Breaks down all your PDFs and articles into quick, readable short dot points.
  • Iris: Helps with visualising and research various concepts in the research papers you are working on finishing.

Are you looking to travel to a new city? Looking to have some fun or have an experience of a lifetime in your area or country? Below are some of the AI tools that can make all these possible.

  • Emma: This Travel AI tool works by automatically calculating and adding the time needed for your meeting travel.
  • Ada: This is a tool that helps with navigation and the making of proper decisions.
  • Spatial: Reveals the social layers of the cities that you are in.
  • ETA: Comes in handy, especially when it comes to managing your travel meetings and itineraries.
  • Ready: This is an excellent time predicting tool for your travel and traffic forecasting.
  • Mezi: Do you want to make things easy for you? Another useful AI tool that helps in booking hotels, flights making restaurant reservations, and so much more.  
  • Nexar: A dashcam tool that helps drivers drive safely.
  • HelloGbye: Books complex trips for you by doing a simple search

In the years to come, AI is going to pave a new way for technology to power our daily lives. It is also going to be how we will be able to interact with our gadgets like fridges, cars, front door, smartphones, and heating systems. A billion and more connected gadgets are going to be actively requesting support from the latest AI platforms. In no time, technology in everything is going to be positively affected. There will be smart infrastructures, houses, lighting, and so much more.

  • What are the best AI tools?

A: Some of the best AI software development tools include Microsoft Azure AI Platform, Google Cloud AI Platform, IBM Watson, Infosys Nia, Dialog Flow, and BigML.

  • What are the 3 types of AI?

A: The three types of AI are narrow or weak AI, general or strong AI, and artificial superintelligence

A:  Google is powered by AI. It has a division dedicated to Artificial Intelligence, called Google AI.

A:  Siri is an AI. Years of research went into creating Siri which was the world’s first virtual personal assistant.

A:  It is not particularly AI, but AI technology is used in Alexa to make it more versatile and smarter.

  • What is the most popular AI?

A:  Some of the most popular AI that we often use are Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa, Infosys Nia, Cortana, Siri, etc.

  • What is the most advanced AI right now?

A:  The most advanced AI at present is Sophia, which is a human-like robot from Hanson Robotics.

  • Who has the best AI technology?

A: IBM has always been in the news for bringing out the best AI technology as the company has been dealing with it since the 1950s. Other companies include Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud Platform, Microsoft Azure, Alibaba Cloud, etc.

A: AI is capable of doing human-like tasks, making machines learn from experiences, and even adjust new ideas.

  • Who is the father of artificial intelligence?

A: John McCarthy is called the father of Artificial Intelligence due to his contribution in the field of Artificial Intelligence and Computer Science.

When this happens, AI is going to change and transform the way people interact, work, and carry out all their daily tasks. If you found this interesting and wish to learn artificial intelligence and machine learning, take up our PGP AIML course an upskill today.

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