A Tailored EHR? See Meditab’s Implementation & Training Team in Action

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When adopting a new EHR software, one of the biggest challenges can be switching from an old system to a new one. To make that transition as smooth and straightforward as possible, Meditab utilizes an expert Implementation team for in-person EHR training and customization, tailoring our EHR software, IMS, to each individual practice.

“Because the main goal of the team is to make sure that everybody gets trained in the proper way, and the most efficient way, being on-site allows them the best opportunity to do that,” says IMS Implementer Robert Ramon. “We’re able to utilize the best of our tools in training and customer service to give them exactly what they need.”


The IMS implementation team recently visited Community Health Foundation Puerto Rico to help equip them with the knowledge and training they require to get the most out of their new EHR software and understand their personalized tools.

IMS’s implementation specialists supplied in-depth, hands-on instruction and helped fit the software to CHFPR’s specific needs. Training at the clinic’s physical location allowed the team to study the staff’s workflow and see real-time situations play out.

“The onboarding process so far has been beyond what I could expect, honestly,” jokes CHFPR Tech Liasion Auday Lopez. “I expected a few walkouts from our physicians, but on the contrary, all of them seem to be quite happy with the new system, and they’ve all taken to it quite rapidly.”

IMS provides support throughout the entire implementation process and beyond, making the operation of your EHR software as stress-free as possible.

“The overall goal for our implementation team is to provide our clients with a better, more effective, optimized way of keeping track of patient records,” says IMS Project Manager Michael Silberman. “Part of that is analyzing their workflow, seeing where they can improve, seeing what parts of our system will benefit their practice, and then implementing that and smoothly transitioning from an old system to a new system.”

Switching to a better EHR has never been easier. 

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