AI Digest part 4 – AI can now detect Brain Haemorrhage

In this week’s Artificial Intelligence guide (AI digest), we have included a few of the latest development in the field of Artificial intelligence. The domain is proliferating, which means there is a range of golden opportunities for anyone interested in an Artificial Intelligence career. 

Dubai launches ‘world’s first’ Artificial Intelligence fatwa service 
On Tuesday, Dubai launched ‘Virtual Ifta’ said to be the world’s first service using Artificial Intelligence to issue fatwas, or Islamic rulings on religious matters.
Now Instead of an Islamic Scholar answering questions over the phone, the AI-powered Virtual Ifta takes live questions on internet chat and replies back.
Virtual Ifta by IACAD was officially launched at the Boulevard, Emirates Towers, where a three-day exhibition has been set up for visitors to experience its features. 

Elephants under Attack have an Unlikely ally: Artificial Intelligence.
Researchers are using Artificial Intelligence to stop African Elephant Poachers. Conservationists are deploying audio recorders, neural networks and predictive analytics in a bid to save elephants in Africa. 
 “AI can process huge amounts of information to tell us where the elephants are, how many there are,” said Cornell University researcher Peter Wrege. “And ideally tell us what they are doing.” 
The AI ingests all the information and then essentially learns the rhythms of the park to offer suggestions to the park management on how to run it more efficiently. 

IIT Hyderabad invites Applications for PhD in Artificial Intelligence
IIT Hyderabad has invited online applications for a PhD program in it’s newly launched Artificial Intelligence department. The new AI department was launched earlier this year to offer BTech, Mtech and PhD as well as several other minor programs in Artificial Intelligence. 
The rising demand for skilled talents in artificial intelligence, machine learning and data analytics has forced institutes like IIT Hyderabad to offer a new range of courses in these domains. 

AI algorithm can now provide expert level detection of Brain haemorrhage.
At present Emergency departments depend on CT scan to detect brain haemorrhage a life-threatening condition. Even the most experienced radiologist can sometimes miss the subtle signs of the condition on such lower resolution images. Recently researchers from the University of California have demonstrated that a deep learning artificial intelligence algorithm can provide expert level detection of brain haemorrhage. 

Hope you enjoyed reading this weeks AI Digest and if you are interested to know more about Artificial Intelligence. We have created a complete tutorial for you to know all about the different concepts and subjects under the domain. You can read the full article here. A Complete Tutorial to Artificial Intelligence

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