AI for ICU Solution and To Combat COVID-19 Mutations – Weekly Guide

Two major AI advancements have come forth in the healthcare domain recently. One is that the FDA has approved CLEW Medical’s Artificial Intelligence ICY Solution. The other is the application of artificial intelligence to combat the coronavirus mutations. 

FDA Approves CLEW Medical’s Artificial Intelligence ICU Solution

CLEW Medical recently announced that FDA granted clearance and authorization for the use of its artificial intelligence-based ICU solution, used to predict hemodynamic instability in adult patients. 

The solution, CLEWICU, continuously monitors and categorizes patient risk levels. This information provides clinicians with physiological insight into a patient’s likelihood of future hemodynamic instability. 

The clearance follows FDA’s emergency use authorization for CLEWICU’s respiratory deterioration model granted in June 2020. The solution has been used for the predictive screening of COVID-19 and other ICU patients.

Artificial Intelligence Tool Combats New COVID-19 Mutations

An artificial intelligence method can help combat emerging COVID-19 mutations by identifying the best potential vaccines to treat the virus, according to a study published in Scientific Reports. 

As COVID-19 begins to mutate in populations globally, scientists are concerned that the mutations will minimize the effectiveness of vaccines that are now being distributed. Recent variants of the virus in the UK, South Africa, and Brazil seem to spread more easily, which have the potential to lead to more hospitalizations and deaths. 

Researchers from the University of Southern California (USC) Viterbi School of Engineering set out to develop a new artificial intelligence method to combat emergent mutations of COVID-19 and accelerate vaccine development. 

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