AI will predict movie ratings and mimic the human eye

There have been many breakthrough applications of artificial intelligence over the years to aid corporates, economies, society, and mankind. Two of them we will discuss in today’s artificial intelligence weekly guide. We will see how AI helps in predicting movies ratings and the development of a sensor that mimics the human eye.

Can Artificial Intelligence Help Predict Movie Ratings?

As per the researchers at USC’s Viterbi School of Engineering, artificial intelligence has a future place in Hollywood’s rating process for films. A new AI tool is intended to rate a movie’s content at the script stage. This allows screenwriters and producers to edit or adjust the screenplay for achieving the desired rating from the Motion Picture Association’s rating board. With the help of this tool, makers can do desired changes before the movie is shot.

Breakthrough optical sensor mimics the human eye, a key step toward better artificial intelligence

Researchers at Oregon State University are making key advances with a new type of optical sensor that more closely mimics the human eye. It will have the ability to perceive changes in its visual field just like the natural eye does. 

Previous attempts to build a human-eye type of device, called a retinomorphic sensor, have relied on software or complex hardware. But the new sensor’s operation is part of its fundamental design. It uses ultrathin layers of perovskite semiconductors that change from strong electrical insulators to strong conductors when placed in the light.

In applications such as self-driving cars, advanced image recognition, and robotics, this new sensor could be a perfect match for the neuromorphic computers. Unlike traditional computers, which process information sequentially as a series of instructions, neuromorphic computers are designed to emulate the human brain’s massively parallel networks.

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