Artificial Intelligence for The ed-tech sector – Weekly Guide

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning are disrupting all possible domains and sectors including education. These are the current hot assets that ed-tech has laid its eyes on. In this week’s AI guide, let us see some of the applications of AI in the sector. 

How Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning will further advance the Ed-tech sector?

The population’s educational and literacy levels play significant roles in the transition of a developing economy to an advanced economy. Some of the current ed-tech platforms are using AI and ML solutions to help students, teachers, and institutions to enhance the quality of their education. Education systems are being empowered with AI to yield better knowledge sharing and it is important to leverage these methods to deliver improved education and teaching experience.

To unlock the value in large volumes of data, educational institutions can use huge data banks enabled with AI to create customized assessments for students across grades and subjects. 

How Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning are enhancing the learning curve for students

Over the past few years, AI and ML applications have made the learning process fun and interactive. Students, as well as the institutions, are now equipped with customized software tools, powered by virtual and augmented reality. The role of technology to ascertain and determine the learning curve of a student is huge, especially at a time when remote learning has become an indispensable part of the education system. 

Students can now generate personalized learning paths for themselves, which would help them understand their strengths and shortcomings. 

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