Artificial Intelligence Makes Its Way to Las Vegas – Weekly Guide

This week’s AI guide covers how Artificial Intelligence is improving hotel and casino experiences and also when it evolves to be able to mimic the human brain, will it have the need to snooze and rest every once in a while. Let’s check out!

Artificial intelligence making more inroads into Las Vegas casinos

The gaming of tomorrow may be here today.

AI has made its way in Las Vegas’ hotel-casinos and its use has also increased in various resort operations. The usage of AI is only expected to increase in the coming years and the guests will be able to notice how AI technologies can enhance their experiences of the hotel stay and casino floor.

One such example can be seen at the Caesars Entertainment Inc. properties where the AI technology by the name “Ivy” is a virtual concierge service that answers guest questions and helps them with the typical things they would ask from the front desk. Guests can text Ivy (powered by Go Moment) for food or entertainment reservations, housekeeping requests, dinner reservations, and other common questions such as pool hours or Wi-Fi passwords.

Lack of Sleep Could Be a Problem for Artificial Intelligence

Unlike humans, machines do not need to sleep and that is one of their distinguishing features too. But someday, when most of our common appliances such as refrigerators, toasters and cars are revolutionised by the advent of AI, they would need their time to pause and snooze.

This change will come when AI systems that mimic human brains are incorporated into a wide range of devices that currently rely on conventional computers and microprocessors to help us through the day. This is an implication of new research conducted in Los Alamos National Laboratory to understand systems that operate like neurons inside living brains. 

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