Artificial Intelligence To Catch Dopers And Attempts to Bring AI to Mars.

As the sports events take a back seat during this lockdown, the World Anti Doping Agency (WADA) is looking at Artificial Intelligence as a possible solution to identify sportsmen who consume drugs to enhance performance. 

WADA is funding four projects in Canada and Germany, to see if AI could identify certain signs of usage of performance-enhancing drugs which go amiss by even experienced human investigators. The ethical issues around the technology are also being worked out. WADA has stated that the machine’s word will not be taken as the final blow to sack a player. Rather, it is just a tool to flag suspects.

In another big AI news this week, the Artificial Intelligence Defense Platform (AIDP) along with Andy Khawaja announced their pioneer project ‘ISABELLA’. It will be an AI processing system which will be capable of learning, retaining, and performing tasks. They plan to apply ISABELLA for space exploration and inhabitation at Mars. 

Dr Andy Khawaja says, “Creating a sustainable environment on Mars requires quite a bit of creation – we need to build houses and buildings, grow plants, create water sources. We need so many roles filled. But why risk jeopardizing human life? With AI technology, we can minimise risks and potential sacrifices to reach the goal.” 

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