Artificial Intelligence – Weekly Round-up

Here are a few Artificial Intelligence mid-week updates to take you through the week.

A.I. May Not Take Your Job, but It Could Become Your Boss

The goal of automation has always been efficiency. What if artificial intelligence sees humanity itself as the thing to be optimized? For decades, people have fearfully imagined armies of hyper-efficient robots invading offices and factories, but we may have overlooked the possibility it will replace the bosses, too.

Newest Artificial Intelligence System Can Learn To See By Touch, Feel By Seeing

Researchers at MIT on Monday unveiled an artificial intelligence (AI) system that can visualize by touching and feel by seeing, paving the way for robots that can more easily grasp and recognize objects.
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How to Prepare for a Career in Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence

Some traditional help desk, system, and network administrator roles are fading out to be replaced by endeavours requiring a heftier and more diverse skills set. Machine learning (ML) and artificial intelligence (AL) are two such fields making steady inroads into the IT world.

3 Best Career Choices for AI Professionals in June, 2019

The is a plethora of AI jobs in the markets, but wistfully, there are not enough seekers. As per Indeed, a reputed job site, the demand for skills in the artificial intelligence domain have doubled in the last three years, moreover, the volume of job postings has gone up by almost 119 per cent.

Top 5 Machine Learning Solutions In 2019

In the present hyper-rapid cloud computing period, AI solutions drive exponential advancement in improving frameworks. ML’s capacity to use Big Data analytics and recognize patterns offers a critical upper hand to current organizations. Let’s see some of the best solution providers in the ML space.
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