Building AI-first Product Workshop by UT Austin Faculty

The advent of technology was done to make our lives easier and AI is no different. AI-based applications are being used in almost every field: Corporates, Medical Sciences, Banking & Financial Institutions, Entertainment. This makes AI a pivotal part of the 21st century’s in-demand technologies list and organizations are on the lookout for professionals in this trending field.

The job role of Artificial Intelligence practitioners continues to have a strong demand in the market. In fact, the job role of an AI Specialist was the top job in Linkedin’s Emerging Jobs Report US. It showed a promising growth of 74% annually. This was closely followed by the title of a Robotics Engineer, which showed 40% annual growth. Both titles related to the field of AI.

To take you through the tools needed to implement Artificial Intelligence into your projects and products, a 3-day LIVE online workshop for ‘Building AI-first Products’ is being organized with Prof Kumar Muthuraman, Director, Center for Analytics and Transformative Technologies Texas McCombs, the University of Texas at Austin, and Milind Kopikare, Former VP and Head of Product Qualtrics, United States where the instructors will help you learn AI Framework Designing Principles, Identify AI Objectives, Understand the Business Perspective of AI and get a chance to draw insights from real-life industry projects.

By the end of this workshop, you will discover the various ways you can power ahead of your organizational growth by implementing AI into your products. The workshop does not require you to have any prior coding experience. 
On successful completion of the workshop, you earn a Building AI-first Products Live Workshop” certificate from Great learning.

The projects and skills acquired as a part of this workshop will have a special place in your ePortfolio. 

Here’s the best part – You get to attend the live workshop worth USD 1,000 as a complementary add-on when you enroll in the upcoming cohort of the Post Graduate Program in Data Science & Business Analytics or Post Graduate Program in Artificial Intelligence for Leaders.

Hope to see you on the other side of the learning locus.

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