DIY-AI Kits for School Students – Weekly guide

 Artificial Intelligence is surprising the world every day. Ranging from discovering drugs to DIY kits, AI’s potential to change the world is only showing an upward graph. 

Exscientia, a British Startups claims to have developed the first AI medication – meant to treat Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder. It took less than a year from conception to create a trial-ready capsule, that is to be tested in March 2020. There are numerous possible molecules that might be useful in medications, but they are far too many for all medical researchers in the world to manually test each one of them. However, the concept of AI-designed drugs is relatively straightforward. By using different types of AI, a computer system can mine through several different molecules, compare them against different parameters and learn the most promising compounds faster than any human – leading the way to the growth of AI-powered medication. 

Kerala Police, at Ottapalam is now gearing up to face the manifold challenges on the law and order front. Artificial intelligent cameras have been fitted onto the official vehicles of the Ottapalam police. These cameras aimed at capturing images to assist in maintaining law and order in town. The cameras capture images and videos of its surroundings irrespective of the light or the vehicles movements. It seems to claim to stop several offences through better insight and perspective. 

Apart from cutting down global emissions and switching to renewable sources of energy for the long run, emerging technologies like AI, along with Internet of Things (IoT) are proving to be more useful today in the conservation of plants, animals and birds – by providing more accurate predictions and forecasts. Google’s flood forecasting system is now using Artificial intelligence and Machine Learning in order to provide a more accurate picture of to-be flooded areas to alert people before time. Its system is also helping authorities in detecting acts of deforestation and poaching through pitched signals and radio alerts. 

Microsoft Launches $40M Healthcare Artificial Intelligence Program

Microsoft has now launched a five-year $40 million program – AI for Health. It is an initiative that is essentially going to use AI tools to address some of healthcare’s biggest challenges like disease-diagnosis and global health crises. This program will not only focus on accelerating medical research to advance the prevention, treatment, and diagnosis of diseases but also help  increase the awareness around understanding mortality and longevity. This initiative is also looking at promoting health equity by improving access for underprivileged populations. 

An IIT-Delhi startup has come up with the idea of Do-IT-Yourself AI educational kits for school students to learn the basics of the subject. The kit essentially includes technical novelties like AI computing-engine, friendly AI training or inference applications and even real-world AI actuation circuit boards. According to their reports, AI requires a school student to have a rigorous background and training advanced topics when taught the conventional way. For the same reason, the concept of this kit has been accompanied with a rich learning ecosystem that includes a high-quality AI handbook, practical DIY AI projects, lessons, exercises, presentations and videos.

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