Fighting Covid-19 with AI – Weekly Guide

In the wake of COVID-19 pandemic, many AI-led organisations and startups are trying to create solutions to combat the effects and spreading of the coronavirus. Some of such initiatives are:

Sanitizexpert’s automated robots 

Dubai-based Sanitizexperts has introduced an Automated UVC Robot to disinfect public places. The new robot provides safe 360-degree UV disinfection, unlike existing systems that use harmful chemicals and can leave a residue. This advanced innovation has born from extensive testing by the International Ultraviolet Association (IUVA) to specifically find solutions to combat COVID-19. 

Santizexpert’s robot uses UV sterilisation along with intelligent pulse disinfection. It also uses nature navigation AI technology that helps it to automatically plan its path and calculates the disinfection time required for a specific environment. 

In order to move seamlessly, it uses ultrasonic obstacle detection and radar vision. UV lamps, that can work up to 8000 hours, are used for disinfection and to safely kill the virus. It also recognises when a human is in the vicinity and automatically shuts the UV lamp. 

The robot works with the help of wifi and can be managed with the click of a button on the app or PC. It is also possible to have multiple automated UVC robots working together. When the battery level is low, the robot returns to the station automatically to and charges itself. 

AI chatbots step up to fight COVID-19

Chatbots have martyred significantly over the years, but especially in the past few months when the world was struck with the COVID-19 pandemic. Many healthcare companies have finally moved out of the pilot stage and into frontline, advanced healthcare workflow automation systems. 

Most of the major healthcare systems including CDC and the VA have turned to chatbots to handle the overwhelming amount of enquiries without human intervention. Chatbots also add massive screening, education, and intake processes. Millions of patients are now using chatbots to seek guidance on coronavirus symptoms. 

In the times when the human teams are in extremely short supply, the chatbots have stepped up to meet extreme conversational demand. Now, it is to see what more these virtual agents can do in other areas of healthcare.  

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