Find Love and Bake Mashup Recipes with AI – Weekly guide

Artificial Intelligence has become an indispensable tool of the 21st century. Whether it be helping doctors in diagnosis and treatment or in drug discovery, AI is proving to be a trusted partner in many ways. In today’s guide, we will see applications of AI in the field of matchmaking and baking. 

Google AI Comes Up With Mashup Baking Recipes Based on Search Data

Google has come up with the most delicious use of AI ever seen. In a blog post, a team at Google described how the use of technology helped them create some new hybrid baking recipes that are bound to be loved by all. It began as the baking searches increased for the months of November and December. 

By diving a little deeper into the trend, they tried to understand the science behind what makes the crunch of a cookie, sponge of the cake, and the fluff of bread with the help of machine learning. Then, they used ML models to come up with two new baking recipes named ‘cakie’ (a hybrid of cake and cookie) and breakie (a hybrid of bread and cookie). The tool used for this purpose was AutoML. 

Love in the time of algorithms: would you let your artificial intelligence choose your partner?

AI has found its way into the domain of love and relationships. In the coming decades, AI-systems as matchmakers, it may become common to date a personalised avatar. The industry is actively embracing AI, and below are some examples:

  • Match has an AI-enabled chatbot by the name ‘Lara’ that guides people through the process of finding love and offering suggestions based on up to 50 personal factors.
  • Tinder’s vision of AI being a simplifier is evident in a smart filter that serves what it knows a person is interested in.
  • eHarmony uses AI that analyses people’s chat and sends suggestions about how to make the next move. 
  • Happn uses AI to “rank” profiles and show those it predicts a user might prefer.

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