Free Artificial Intelligence Courses in 2023


Artificial Intelligence is one of the most popular and emerging fields in computer science. It has been a popular topic of research and development for many years and continues to grow in popularity. Artificial intelligence is still in its early days, with a long way to go before achieving human-level intelligence. However, it has already made significant progress, and its impact is growing. 

As such, many universities and colleges offer courses in Artificial Intelligence. This blog is a compilation of some of the best free AI courses available at Great Learning Academy. Great Learning Academy offers 1000+ free courses for professionals so that they can upskill and power ahead in their careers. The courses are from domains like AI,  ML, Data  Science, Management, Marketing, etc. 

Here’s a list of top 10 courses on Artificial Intelligence that you can refer to get started with it:

Introduction to Artificial Intelligence

This online free course will introduce you to the realm of Artificial Intelligence and will assist you in delving further into AI’s insights. This course will teach you more about neural networks, which are the foundation of AI, and two major domains in AI where scientists and corporations worldwide are investigating and developing tools and approaches. Computer Vision and Natural Language Processing are the two areas. Dr. Abhinanda Sarkar, Ph.D. from Stanford University, is the course’s faculty, and Ex-Faculty MIT is the Academic Director at Great Learning for Data Science and Machine Learning Programs.

Introduction to Deep Learning

You will learn about and grasp numerous deep learning principles as well as Artificial Neural Network subjects in this free Introduction to Deep Learning course. A neural network course will also lead you through a few key principles, such as the history of the subject and why you should understand them. You will gain useful insights into deep learning applications in numerous sectors as you progress through the course, and you will gain a deeper understanding of the various frameworks utilized in neural network applications.

Computer Vision Essentials

This free Computer Vision Essentials course starts with the fundamentals, such as digitizing images, sampling data, and quantifying it (compression). This course will also cover other ways of working with images, such as classification, identification, detection, and other CV operations. Later, we’ll look at several CNN applications, such as padding, pooling, and filtering, as well as different types of CNN structures. Finally, we shall discuss Transfer Learning. You will also be required to complete two case studies as part of this course. The course has been intended to guarantee that you have a thorough understanding of image processing and how to use the OpenCV library with Python.

Digital Image Processing

This free Digital Image Processing course also covers the fundamentals of deep neural networks and how to use Google’s powerful TensorFlow library, which includes prebuilt Keras. These digital image processing fundamentals courses will help you improve your skills in data augmentation, weight initialization, regularisation, image processing with neural networks, image classification, and case studies like face detection, smile detection, converting an image to greyscale, and converting an image to six different forms.

Introduction to Keras and Tensorflow

This free Keras and TensorFlow course will cover everything from the fundamentals to complex ideas that control how Tensors work. This course will also introduce you to the Keras framework and take you through a demonstration of how to use it. Tensorflow will also be used to teach linear regression. You will also have a better understanding of how neural networks, tensors, and computational graphs function. The instructor walks you through the entire process, from installation to various Python demonstrations.

Introduction to Natural Language Processing

Natural Language Processing (NLP) is a branch of Artificial Intelligence that studies how humans and computers communicate. We employ Natural Language Processing to extract business insights from text data available on the internet. Sentiment Analysis, Text Blob, a popular toolkit for textual data preprocessing, Semantic Segmentation, How to design chatbots, Recommendation System, and other hands-on sessions are included in this free NLP course.

Sentiment Analysis using Python

Sentiment Analysis is one example of an NLP application that benefits businesses in a variety of ways. This free Sentiment Analysis with Python course will teach you how to analyze sentiment for two different purposes. The session will begin with an examination of Amazon reviews. After that, you’ll use Twitter data to conduct sentiment analysis. The primary concepts covered in this free course are vectorization and modeling.

Artificial Intelligence Projects

Through a learning process, this free Artificial Intelligence Projects course is built for a specific function, such as pattern recognition or data classification. This course will teach you how to use Deep Learning techniques to anticipate stock prices. In a case study, the model training approach is discussed. The course is designed to assist you in implementing Artificial Intelligence solutions and models to challenges. Learning through artificial intelligence projects is the best way to succeed in the real world and discover business applications of AI.

Building Recommendation System

One of the most extensively utilized applications of Machine Learning is recommendation systems. We created this free course on Building Recommendation Systems using Python because we recognize the relevance of recommendation systems. This course will begin with an overview of recommendation systems and then go on to several types of recommendation systems. We’ll go then over how to design a movie recommendation system in detail.

How to Build your own Chatbot using Python?

This online free course will teach you how to create chatbots in Python, which are one of the most popular uses of Natural Language Processing and Artificial Intelligence. By having a chat with a bot, you can do everything from ordering groceries to purchasing a new car. It’s critical that you understand that you can even create simple chatbots and use them! At the same time, it’s critical that you study everything there is to know about chatbots on a theoretical level before applying what you’ve learned to check out and grasp practical demos and more. And that is precisely what we will do in this course!


Artificial intelligence is a field of study that is constantly evolving. There are many different courses available at Great Learning Academy that can provide you with a solid foundation in the basics of AI. While no single course can cover everything, these ten courses provide a good starting point for anyone interested in learning more about artificial intelligence.

Overall, Hope this blog was really informative and helpful. If you’re considering taking an AI course or are just curious about the topic, this blog is definitely worth a read.

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