Great Learning Skills Report 2022

We are pleased to present the Great Learning Skills Report 2022 in collaboration with Analytics Vidhya. The report aims to provide you with an overview of the career opportunities in data-related domains and help you understand the impact of upcoming technologies like Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and Big Data.
Extensively covered in leading publications like the Economic Times, Fortune India, Business World, The Indian Express, Business Today, First Post, and many more, key insights from the report are:

  1. According to Gartner, out of the 10 lakh registered companies in India, 75% are either already investing or are planning to invest in the field of Big Data.
  2. Data Scientists are the top earners in the digital economy with a starting salary of 7.7 lakhs followed by data analysts, data architects, etc. The percentage of job seekers is almost half the open positions in the market indicating a dearth of talented resources.
  3. Banking and Financial Services is the biggest market for Analytics and Data Science professionals. 44% of all jobs were created in this domain in 2017. E-Commerce and Healthcare have emerged as promising areas for data science professionals. (Complete Report)
  4. According to, SQL is the top requirement to excel in the field of data science, followed closely by Python and Java. Hadoop, R, and SAS have also climbed up the ladder to be amongst the top 10 skills required.
  5. Domain Knowledge and Visualization skills are important differentiators for professionals seeking analytics and data science opportunities, according to a PwC analysis.
  6. Predictions up until 2022 – Data science jobs in healthcare are expected to soar. Agriculture, transportation, and aviation are also expected to integrate domain-specific tasks with smart technology using data science, artificial intelligence, big data, IoT, and Robotics. Cybersecurity is another emerging area with 25% of the largest global companies adopting Big Data Analytics for at least one security or fraud detection use case.

Also read Dr. Mudit Kulshreshtha’s (Co-Director, Analytics Center of Excellence) scintillating views on the transformation in the technology landscape and the future of Analytics, Machine Learning, Cloud, Terminator AIs, and Bots. He also enlightens us about the opportunities presented by various domains, and what professionals should do to develop the right skill set for the digital economy.
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