How AI decodes Animal Language – Weekly Guide

Artificial intelligence is here to stay, and now it’s everywhere. Ranging from its applications in social media platforms to its implementation in promoting neurodiversity, AI is conquering it all. 

Social networks are a great source of varied data. An increased investment in Artificial Intelligence technology, and accelerating social media penetration are a key drivers of global AI growth for social media. In fact, Twitter has managed to lead the way in deriving intelligent insights with its data feeds, particularly in the hashtag related data.  

The Red Cross’ Missing Maps Project is currently leveraging AI to provide various governments and aid workers with the tools to navigate disasters like hurricanes and floods. With the objective of ‘Good Maps require Good data’, the team is working on making villages, roads, and bridges more accessible in the wake of devastation with the concept of satellite imagery and machine learning.

The next wave of drug discovery is now being enabled by Artificial Intelligence. While in depth research has not made an appearance yet in the open, this fact has not been lost on investors. They are keeping a close watch on emerging biopharma companies that are using AI and machine learning to enable the discovery of next-generation medicines.

While AI has helped us decode ancient languages, researchers today are now using the same technique to help understand our pets. According to them, it is estimated that languages can be best described as having 600 independent dimensions of relationships, wherein word-to-word relationships are seen as a vector in this space – channelling it to understanding anything unknown. 

Neurodiversity in AI

Neurodiversity, as the name suggests, is a concept of neurological differences observed in human variations. Considering it as a competitive advantage, and an idea of opportunity, the age of Artificial Intelligence provides with the technology to harness the power of neurodiverse talent in order to create acceptance, foster innovation, and evolve into societies of trust. 

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