How Data Science is transforming business- Weekly Guide June I

Data Science and analytics have gained traction in business over the past few years and will continue to show growth in the coming years. If you wish to keep up with the recent developments, here are some articles that will take you through the advancements in data science and analytics

How data science is transforming business

The volume of data available to us has grown exponentially over the past few years. It has proved to be one of the most valuable commodities for businesses, for driving decisions, producing insights based on which informed decisions are taken, etc. However, it is Data Scientists who put in the research and can transform this data into a tangible result. Data Scientists make use of technology as well as analytical expertise to plan and develop data-driven projects that enable a business to meet its existing or future business needs. They are also helping us work efficiently and train machine learning systems to spot a pattern and forecast scenarios. New opportunities are spotted with the help of Data Scientists and are integrated into the workflow. 

Big Data Model to Help Optimize Hospital Resources During COVID-19

The impact of COVID-19 on procedures and policies needs to be studied, and the researchers at Vanderbilt’s Data Science Institute are developing a model that can use big data to study this impact, now and in the future. To be fully prepared, and be able to meet patients needs, organizations must be able to evaluate short-term and long-term resource needs. This tool will help do so. The tool will provide projections on the overall patient count and also the capacity of hospitals. It shows us a comprehensive overall picture and helps the hospitals take informed decisions, thus enabling them to maximize resources.  

7 leading multinationals are hiring data scientists during the lockdown in India

As we all know, we are currently living through a global pandemic. The novel coronavirus has disrupted businesses and numerous people have lost their jobs. However, the demand for technologies such as Data Science has accelerated. The demand is high, but there is a dearth in the availability of professionals in this sector. According to a study by Deloitte, AIML engineers may be the most sought after professionals in today’s professional world. We can see job openings across various multinationals. 

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