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Now that the weather is getting colder, it’s a good idea to make sure your furnace is running as efficiently as possible. You’ll be warmer and save money, too! And it’s probably a lot easier than you think. To get the details we spoke with Rick, a JustAnswer HVAC Expert and he shared his top three tips.

First and foremost, Rick recommends regularly changing your heating system’s air filters. Clean filters don’t trap heated air, which lets your furnace work less, and they reduce the dust and allergens circulating in your home. It’s a win-win. Plus, if you have a gas furnace and can use a screwdriver, you can change the filters and save yourself the cost of a service visit. Oil-burning furnaces are different though, and need a pro to tune up the burner every year. Not sure what kind of furnace you have? Send a photo to one of our experts and they can walk you through it.

Next up for efficiency is getting a programmable thermostat. Rick points out that any and all upfront costs quickly pay for themselves with the money you’ll save. The automated system will warm your home at key times, like the morning and evening, and lower temperatures while you’re away or sleeping.

Third, Rick says air sealing and proper insulation make a huge difference because up to 25% of a home’s heat can be lost through small cracks and holes. You can see how sealing those leaks can add up to big savings. Good old-fashioned weather-stripping and caulking go a long way in this department.

Finally, a few other creative ideas Rick has to lower your energy bill include adjusting ceiling fans to circulate warm air downward; keeping your chimney clean, and opening curtains during the day to capture natural heat.

For more great ideas, or to get specific answers about your house and heating system, talk to one of our JustAnswer HVAC Experts now. They’re always ready to offer tailored advice in minutes.



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