How well do you know your Expert?

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Experts on JustAnswer are here to help you 24/7 with your legal, vet, health, and taxation questions – and more! But what they do when they’re not answering questions?

Sometimes it’s difficult to feel like you’re talking to real human being on the internet. Even the best online customer service can feel automated and processed. A web reply doesn’t always show that, in fact, many Experts on JustAnswer live fascinating and rewarding lives.

When you ask a question on JustAnswer you can usually see a little bit about the Expert’s professional life – their legal background, or the veterinary or tax qualifications they have, so that you know you are talking to a verified professional. But if you’re able to look beyond their professional qualifications, the Experts have some incredible stories to share.

Many do voluntary work all over the world, give back to their local communities, and help others less fortunate than themselves. For example, a Vet Expert on JustAnswer, moved a small island near Honduras to set up a professional vet clinic and offer free services to locals.

A wanderlust obsessed Home Improvement Expert moved over to Central America, and now uses some of his earnings to sponsor a family in Guatemala, changing their lives for ever. There are Experts who volunteer for legal charities, raise money for hospitals, work on isolated farms, and a few who team up with artists and curators in New York and London.

Some Experts even gave up their jobs as doctors to spend time writing health blogs informing patients of their rights.

The Experts really do have some wonderful stories to share. You can engage with the Experts on JustAnswer in the knowledge they have a personal desire to help others. So when you ask a question, you know that deep down they really want to help you.


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