IMS Build 24: The Flexibility Your Practice Deserves

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Equipped with lessons from the past year, practices today need to be agile so that they can adapt to sudden changes and new challenges. While we’re still living through a pandemic, and there are still uncertainties up ahead, the best thing that you can give your practice is the ability to adapt. 

In that spirit, we’re proud to pull back the curtain on IMS Build 24. Enhancements throughout the system give your practice more options and greater flexibility. From new and improved mobile apps to a more flexible Televisit experience, new clearinghouse integrations, and a better way to handle multiple procedures, Build 24 is making IMS more customizable than ever. 

Efficiency Is the Core of a Good EHR

IMS Build 24 SideBuild 24 brings several workflow improvements to your day-to-day. You can now book multiple procedures in a single appointment in fewer clicks. This new enhancement will benefit practices that combine multiple procedures in one visit, such as surgery centers. Other new functionalities in the Scheduler module include adding laterality, body parts, and expected arrival time for pre-op procedures. 

When booking appointments online through the Appointment Booking System, patients are no longer required to select a provider. Instead, they can book a room and procedure if they are unsure which provider to choose. This new enhancement is especially beneficial for allergy shot patients who just need to book the allergy shot room and don’t need to see a physician. 

Build 24 also brings new updates to Meditab’s integration with CoverMyMeds. Providers can now view more cost-friendly alternative drugs and display discount-related information when prescribing medications. Discount-related information is also available on the patient portal or the patient app. 

Then, align your team’s goals and improve communication with a new and improved IMS Chat. IMS Chat still has the same features but is now a desktop app, making the delivery of essential patient information faster and giving you the ability to message colleagues even if you don’t have IMS open.  

The Future of Healthcare Is Mobile

More patients are turning to mobile than ever before. That’s why we constantly strive to make a better mobile app experience for your entire practice. 

A cleaner, better user experience and interface design await your patients when they check in through IMS OnArrival.

Highly anticipated and highly requested, Build 24 is the official debut of the Meditab Intelligent Assistant (MIA). MIA is an AI-powered medical assistant that can help automate your front-desk workflow. Through MIA’s integration with IMS OnArrival, new patient onboarding is now more accessible and interactive.

When new patients enroll themselves through IMS OnArrival, MIA will ask them a series of basic demographic questions. The answers are automatically added in IMS, creating a new entry in the Patient Master and saving your front desk valuable time. 

IMS OnArrival is also now available on iOS platforms and provides greater customization for clinics. 

The new updates don’t stop there, however. Providers need not be tied to a computer to upload a photo in IMS. The new Photo Album feature in IMSGo lets you take a picture from your smartphone or upload an image from your gallery, and it will automatically sync in IMS. Editing tools are also available to draw, mark, or crop certain areas of the photo. 

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Home Therapy Workflow for Allergists

Build 24 introduces the Home Therapy feature for Allergy practices. This new module will allow patients to administer allergy shots themselves in the comfort of their homes. The entire home therapy workflow includes creating a prescription, generating orders, filling the shot vials, sending details to the shipping vendor, and managing refills.

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An Improved Televisit Experience

IMS Build 24 TelevisitPrevent frustrated patients when a provider is running late for a Televisit session with new enhancements. Any clinical staff can now be alerted when a patient starts a Televisit session, and the staff can join the session or invite other users to join in the session.

Additionally, getting patient consent forms for any telemedicine program is not only a recommended best practice by the American Telemedicine Association (ATA) but is actually required in some states. In Build 24, signing consent forms is now an automatic step before a patient can start a Televisit session.

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New Clearinghouse Integrations

Practices who use WorkCompEDI as their clearinghouse can now directly submit claims and download status reports and ERAs in IMS. WorkCompEDI specializes in workers’ compensation, auto, and personal injury claims. 

IMS is also newly integrated with InMediata clearinghouse as well. Currently, the integration is limited to insurance eligibility verification only, but full integration to submit claims and receive reports is in process.

Give Your Practice the Tools to Adapt

IMS Build 24 EHR Care TeamMeditab continues to help thousands of practices thrive and succeed with a robust and constantly evolving platform, Intelligent Medical Software (IMS). Every new feature, enhancement, and improvement we make is grounded on our mission to create innovative technology that enables you to focus more on your patients. 

IMS Build 24 gives you the flexibility to meet your patients’ needs, increase their satisfaction, and empower your practice with more efficiency, even while navigating the uncertain road ahead.

If you’re already a client, reach out to your Account Manager to learn more about updating to Build 24. If you’re new to IMS and want to learn more, see Build 24 in action and schedule a free demo today. 

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