IMS Success Story: An EHR Software Customized to Your Needs

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Electronic health records, or EHRs, are now as indispensable to providers as the stethoscopes around their necks. What used to be a “nice-to-have” has now become a fundamental part of any modern practice.

The EHR we know today is an evolution of the original Electronic Medical Record (EMR) system, which is essentially just a digital version of a patient’s paper chart. The technology has transformed into a comprehensive solution responsible for elevating quality of care, streamlining administrative functions, and improving the overall efficiency of day-to-day practice operations.

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Given the extent of its impact on different aspects of your practice, it’s only fitting that you choose an EHR platform that truly addresses your needs. As powerful of a tool that EHRs can be, choosing the wrong system can throw even the most efficient practice into complete disarray.

So what exactly is the hallmark of an ideal EHR software? Clinica Medica General and Allmed Medical Centers Regional Global Administrator Dr. Hargrove-Brown has some valuable insights.



Plenty of EHR companies out there use the term “customizability” loosely. They tell you that you can tailor the software to fit your needs but only give you a few packages to choose from that barely meet your requirements.

A true customizable EHR gives you the freedom and flexibility to configure the platform exactly how you want it. Very few EHR companies come close to the level of customizability that Meditab offers with its flagship software, Intelligent Medical Software (IMS). With a unique modular design, IMS allows you to pick and choose the most valuable features for your specific practice. When you have complete control of the customization options, you can build a lean, bloat-free, and efficient EHR that you can truly call your own.

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Every specialty has unique needs that a generic EHR simply isn’t cut out to address. This is another situation where a fully-customizable EHR software offers a crucial advantage; it allows you to tailor the system to your specialty’s needs. That’s why you should choose a platform that adapts to whatever specialty requirements you might have.

Embedded in the Meditab DNA, IMS epitomizes adaptability and versatility. It currently supports over 40 specialties, including allergy, cosmetic, ophthalmology, fertility, and so many others. Having an EHR with integrated features designed specifically for your specialty saves you time and money from maintaining multiple systems.

Feature-Rich & User-Friendly

There are plenty of other variables you need to consider when shopping for EHR software. For one, the features. Your EHR should ideally be the only platform you need to run your entire practice, maximizing your productivity and resources. Maintaining multiple systems is stressful and costly, so if an EHR doesn’t support most, if not all, of your practice’s essential functions, then that’s an indicator that you should steer clear.

It’s also crucial for your EHR software to have a user-friendly interface, especially since providers and staff will be interacting with it all day long. A clunky and cumbersome system slows down your processes, disrupts your workflow, and leads to staff burnout. Your EHR’s user experience will translate to your and your staff’s productivity and the quality of your care.

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Most EHRs don’t fit every practice perfectly, but there is an EHR that’s perfect for yours. IMS empowers you to configure the system to fit your specialty’s needs. It offers a comprehensive platform that supports every aspect of your practice with integrated tools and features and an intuitive interface that is seamless and effortless to use. All these are hallmarks of the kind of EHR software your practice deserves.


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