Indian Government launched the National AI portal and development around COVID-19

In a major development on June 1st, 2020, the Indian Government launched the National Artificial Intelligence (AI) portal. The portal is formed by Nasscom and backed by National e-Governance Division of the Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology (MeitY). The objective of this initiative is to be a one-stop platform for all AI advancements in the country. It allows:

  • Sharing of useful AI resources like technical papers and articles, and funding information for AI startups, companies, and educational firms
  • Distribution of documents, case studies, research reports
  • Learning opportunities
  • New job roles and job postings in the domain of AI

The Indian government aims to interact with private companies, venture capital funds, educational institutes, and startups through the portal, to realise the full potential of AI.

Check out the website here: It has categories including News, Articles, Ecosystem, Resources, Skills and Jobs, and Sectors. It also has research reports, case studies, video material, and datasets for AI professionals. 

India is also trying to keep pace with Artificial Intelligence developments for COVID-19 around the world. In one such attempt, Researchers at the Defence Institute of Advanced Technology, Pune, have a COVID-19 detection tool that is enabled by Artificial Intelligence. The tool uses chest x-rays to identify the infection. 

How does it work? The chest x-rays of suspected patients can be uploaded and the tool will immediately detect and confirm any abnormality due to COVID-19 or other respiratory issues.

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