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What Were People Asking in September? 

Did you know more than 100 million people visited last year? Or that our JustAnswer experts answered almost 10,000 questions a day alone? That’s a lot of people and a lot of discussions happening across hundreds of categories! We thought it would be enlightening and fun to check in on what everyone is talking about — and to see what these patterns say about the national zeitgeist. 

Is it possible to take the pulse of consumer consciousness by identifying what they are seeking advice about from JustAnswer experts? That’s what we were hoping to find (and think we have uncovered) with what we plan to be a regular monthly feature — the JustAnswer Curiosity Report. 

Every month, we’ll take a look at the data to identify the hottest new trending topics getting the most questions or showing a marked increase in questions from the month prior. We’ll also comb through and highlight some of that month’s most interesting, unusual, random, humorous or even heart-warming questions received in categories ranging from pop culture to etiquette to dream interpretation.  

So what did September’s data tell us? 

Perhaps not surprisingly, given the Biden administration’s executive order for a national employer vaccine mandate and the continuing headlines regarding the Delta variant, Covid questions continued to dominate the time of health experts on JustAnswer in September. Specifically, we saw the greatest increase in these two Covid topics: The employer vaccine mandate and the roll-out of a Covid booster shot for already vaccinated people. We also saw an unexpected question spike in a seasonally inspired topic. Here are the three hottest trending question topics on the platform last month: 

Hot Topics

1. Covid Employer Vaccine Mandate Questions – Up 33%

A federal executive order in September mandated that all employers with more than 100 workers require employees to be vaccinated or tested for the virus weekly. With the new law affecting up to 80 million Americans, it’s understandable many people had questions — both employees wondering about their own individual rights as well as business owners and managers seeking guidance on how to enforce the mandate and the penalties for refusing to do so. 

Here’s a few of the questions JustAnswer received on this topic: 

  • Can I be fired in California for not getting the Covid19 vaccine?
  • Is it ok to ask for vaccine verification or to ask if a potential candidate has been vaccinated against the Covid -19 virus ?
  • If somebody refuses the Covid vaccine and loses their job, can they collect unemployment?


2. Covid Vaccine Booster Shot Questions – Up 30%

With continued media coverage of the Delta variant and breakthrough Covid infections among vaccinated people, many started wondering about booster shots – what was recommended, who was eligible, how to get them, etc. 

Here are some of the questions we received about booster shots: 

  • Can you take the Pfizer booster if you took the Moderna vaccine? 
  • If you got the COVID vaccine booster, can you transmit COVID?
  • Which shot should be taken first, the Covid booster or the flu shot?


3. Wedding Etiquette Questions – Up 29% 

After a year and a half of pandemic social isolation and postponed nuptials, weddings are back in a big way — despite the Delta variant. Brides and grooms-to-be hit up JustAnswer for help on all kinds of wedding and pre-wedding topics. 

Here are some of the wedding questions JustAnswer received in September: 

  • What is considered the most appropriate time of day for a bridal tea?
  • Do I invite people to a wedding that I work with when I know they can’t go to the wedding?
  • I’m dating a woman who asked me to be her guest at a wedding she was invited to. Do I have to give a gift as well or contribute towards her gift?


They Asked What??

As a forum where people can safely and anonymously seek advice and answers to just about any kind of quandary, no matter how personal or random, JustAnswer sees its fair share of unique, unusual and – let’s face it – entertaining questions. In September, here were a few of the truly off-the-wall queries: 

  • Fashion: What were the measurements of Elaine’s backpack purse on Seinfeld? 
  • Misc: What is the name of the song currently being played on the Target commercial that starts out with a brass section?
  • Etiquette: A friend pulls up in my driveway to come visit me. She sits out there talking on her phone for over 30 min. Is this not rude?
  • Relationship: My ex still uses my home to store his things. Is there anyplace else better than the front lawn as a last resort?
  • Pop Culture: I wish to send an email to Linda Ronstadt from someone who knew her in Redondo Beach when she played at the House of the Rising Sun. Love you Linda Ronstadt. Love you. You are amazing, you’re the best.




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