Investors Think AI is Most Compelling Thematic Trend – Weekly Guide

With more and more applications that AI is accomplishing, it is gaining popularity among investors. Also, researchers and organisations are trying to improve Artificial Intelligence by training it better and making it more accurate and human-like. In this week’s AI guide, there are two articles that testify these statement. Read along. 

European Investors Cite Artificial Intelligence as ‘Most Compelling’ Thematic Trend

A survey by CoreData Research suggests that European investors said AI is the most compelling long-term thematic opportunity. Being in the early stages of adoption and application, investors highlight that artificial intelligence technology to transform industries, consumption, services, and labour.

Investors are now looking to add high growth specific allocations to portfolios. They expect the popularity of thematic equities that provide differentiated exposures that continue growing. Innovation and Product Development are key to combat the competitive edge of the market. 

To Teach an AI to Pursue Goals, Scientists Made it Play an RPG

Scientists from Facebook and Georgia Institute of Technology are trying to train Artificial Intelligence to use language with intent. They are doing this by developing an algorithm into the middle of a roleplaying game. By giving the AI a specific quest to complete, they could teach it to chase and complete goals just like a human gamer. The ultimate goal is to enable a deeper understanding of the language.

In the game, the AI agent played as a dragon and the specific tasks to accomplish were missions like hoarding gold. To succeed in its quests, the AI agent had to converse with other AI agents or humans playing the game by inputting specific commands. 

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