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JustAnswer employees usually give two reasons for loving their work life: They love the people they work with and the opportunity to make affordable expert help accessible to anyone, anywhere, anytime. They love knowing their work makes a difference in people’s lives, especially those who need a helping hand. As Sonja, who manages the international department says, “There are very inspiring and passionate people here from all over the world who love knowing they’re making a difference in the lives of others.”

From the beginning, JustAnswer has been dedicated to constant collaboration and experimentation, reflected down to the work environment. Everyone sits together in the same room, from CEO to customer service reps, to brainstorm, develop and launch new products and services. It’s a supportive and inventive place to work where everyone has the chance to contribute. As Ian, a Director of Engineering, puts it, “We’re an established company but we are still a start-up at heart. A single talented individual can still have a big impact and alter the narrative forever.”

Every Friday the team gets together to showcase the different products and ideas they’re working on—ideas and theories that are tested to provide the most value to their customers. And once a quarter, everyone takes a break from their day-to-day tasks for a one-week hack-a-thon to focus only on their passion projects.

When looking for prospective hires, JustAnswer focuses on certain qualities: People who are smart, fun and get things done. When asked what it’s like to work with his team, Ollie, a Product Manager, responded, “I work with a tight-knit, dedicated team that produces results, but knows how to keep things light and in perspective.”

It’s a work culture where work/life balance isn’t just encouraged; it’s mandated. So after all that hard work gets done, the employees at JustAnswer either have fun together (ping-pong, in-house draft beer, or Napa Valley bike rides anyone?), go home to their families at a reasonable hour or take a much-deserved vacation.


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