Keeping Cupid’s Arrow Alive before and after Valentine’s Day

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There is a lot of pressure to create the perfect everything on Valentine’s Day and many of us do a great job to help our loved one feel appreciated and loved.  Candy, flowers and romantic moments are planned and all things feel wonderful and right in the world.  But, there is another side to all of this and it begs the question, why do we need Valentine’s Day to force us to show the love and care we feel for our significant others?

The extreme busyness of life, time spent on social media and a time when face to face connection has really taken a back seat, people and relationships are suffering.  More needs to be done each and every day to cultivate and enhance these connections.  Sure, a day like Valentine’s Day is a wonderful way to highlight that love and plan a wonderful event, but I am suggesting we all work harder all the time to create and sustain connections.  It becomes a challenge of sorts….a challenge each day to put the phones down, unplug, unwind and come together on an emotional level.

If we don’t do this, then a beautiful holiday like Valentine’s Day can be fraught with stress, arguments and feelings of loss when the perfect event is not created.  Cupid’s arrow can touch your loved one other than just on this grand holiday if you so desire.  None of us feel romantic and inspired all the time, but I challenge you to every now and then plan something spontaneous and wonderful even with your loved one.  Think of it like a Christmas in July type of thing….you can do this anytime of year and not just on February 14th, especially since many people end up feeling that Valentine’s Day flat in comparison to the expectations around it.

Get out there, be creative, unplug and let cupid be a part of things as often as you can.  You will be happier for it and so will your loved one.



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