Learn the market relevant skills to thrive as a data driven leader of the future- Robert Catlin

Robert Catlin, who is currently working as a Public Elementary School English Teacher, is an alumnus of the MIT IDSS Data Science and Machine Learning Program in collaboration with Great Learning. In his review of the program, he writes that,

“I have recently completed the data science and machine learning: making data-driven decisions program, and I cannot recommend it more highly. It was enlightening and ranks among one of my most difficult accomplishments. Whether I remain in the education field or move to a strictly technological role, I believe future prospects have improved because my thinking process is better. I have new tech skills and the drive to push through obstacles of all sorts.”

The program has enabled the learners to acquire new skills and has assisted them in making a successful career in the field of data science and machine learning. The program is a culmination of both advanced and basic concepts. The modules are designed to cover all the important concepts relating to the field. 

The program support helps the learners to complete the program smoothly. A dedicated program manager assigned to each learner at the start of the program assists the learners through all the lectures and the capstone project. The best faculty enables the learners to gain knowledge about the relevant concepts.

Robert writes about the program support and the faculty in his review,

“They helped me in one-on-one arranged meetings to finish those projects, and while I had to figure things out, they helped where they could, and I learned and ultimately passed. I am so grateful I can’t thank them enough.”

Impressed by the program’s excellent quality of content and support, Robert recommends the program to all the people who aspire to be future leaders in data science and machine learning.

Source : https://www.mygreatlearning.com/blog/artificial-intelligence/