No Code AI in 2023 – Making Artificial Intelligence Accessible  

As technology continues to change human lives, the role of artificial intelligence (AI) is getting more and more defined. From improving healthcare services to customer experience for an enterprise, AI has made its impact. Experts say that AI is the new electricity that will continue transforming more industries in the future. However, developing AI tools for a specific industry requires a dedicated team of developers working with domain experts. This is time-taking and an added expense that few enterprises will be willing to incur. 

It is here that no code AI tools come into the picture. No-code AI technology brings AI to everyone. It enables domain experts, businesses, and organizations to develop applications in AI without any prior coding knowledge. Simply put, no-code AI makes AI more accessible and affordable to be used by everyone. At present, it requires a team of engineers to build a piece of software. But with no-code AI, anyone with a web browser can develop software without coding. 

While the no-code AI technology is in its evolving stage, a competent no-code platform must consist of three critical features. First and foremost, the interface must be simple and user-friendly. This means it must allow users to integrate data from multiple platforms. The platform must be able to automatically classify and correctly encode the data for the model training process. 

Second, the no-code AI platform must be able to perform tasks like automating model selection and training. It should have a search mechanism to find the best model based on the data and the prediction required. Finally, it should be able to monitor model performance over time and retrain as the business environment shifts and new data becomes available.

Why use no-code AI platforms?

With the no-code AI platforms, businesses across industries can implement strategies to extract complex data, break it down into easily understandable terms and apply it to critical business decision-making. This leads to increased efficiency and accuracy for organizations. 

Another significant reason organizations adopt no-code AI platforms is that the gap between domain experts and AI experts is critical. While both are experts in their respective fields, they can rarely understand the nuances of each other’s domain. With the no-code AI platforms, domain experts can test their ideas without needing AI experts. On the other hand, AI experts can create value for the domain experts in a short time using the no-code AI platforms. Also, the number of skilled AI experts is less than the demand. These AI tools shift focus from training many AI experts to enabling domain experts to implement and test their ideas wherever and whenever.


As previously mentioned, small organizations may not have the financial resources to adopt AI on a large scale. But with these tools, all these frictions will be removed, and businesses across industries will be able to leverage the power of AI. In no time, no-code AI platforms will be all-over the place as word-processing and spreadsheet software are today.

You can leverage the power of AI and Machine Learning to build on top of existing applications, create smart solutions and improve your data science capabilities without having to write a single line of code. Start your learning journey today with the No Code AI and Machine Learning Program by MIT Professional Education – Digital Plus Programs. The 12-week program is designed and taught by renowned MIT faculty and experts in advanced technologies.

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