Online homework help, anyone? On DNA, milliliters and dividends

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A look at the struggles of homework, and the requests for help fielded on JustAnswer

In classrooms all across the United states, students everywhere find themselves agreeing on one fundamental belief. Whoever invented homework is no hero to them, and given the massive workloads teachers sometimes send home with their pupils, it’s hard to question why. Although some among us are willing to give the benefits of take-home assignments enough weight to make them worth the trouble, students with this line of thinking are vastly outnumbered

One of the biggest issues with homework, aside from the sheer amount of it many students are forced to contend with, is the lack of guidance. It’s one thing to run into an unexpected issue in class when there’s an instructor nearby to help. It’s another matter entirely when it happens at home, when confusion can keep a student from progressing through his or her work. Luckily, there are resources for homework help online that can provide students with the assistance they need, regardless of location.  

Homework help when it’s needed the most is one such resource for homework doers in a bind. The tutors and education Experts on the site have fielded questions spanning across just about every subject taught in schools today. Although the topics vary greatly, the timing of customer interest in homework help reveals a clear trend.

JustAnswer homework category popularity by month

The homework section on JustAnswer was at its busiest in March, with the month accounting for over 12% of all the homework-related views accumulated throughout the year. This comes as no surprise, given that March is commonly associated with final exams and the grind of studying whenever possible. Of course, the unique academic demands encountered at this time of year don’t usually come with a homework pardon or special exemptions. 

What types of homework problems received the most attention?

With all the levels and variations of schoolwork out there, it would be impossible to put together a complete list of all the issues students have sought help with online. At the same time, we’ve found that certain questions have attracted substantially higher levels of interest compared to the others. At the top of the list, as the category’s top-visited page, is this question posed by a customer who had a number of “labels” that needed to be organized: 

Drag the labels to their appropriate targets to correctly identify the various chromosome structures.

This biology homework problem was an involved one, which ultimately produced an answer to match. The solution, posed by Andrea, an Expert on JustAnswer, included information pertaining to the fundamentals of meiosis, as well as cellular DNA content and the transmission of genetic traits from parents to offspring. 

If all that seems like a mouthful, the second most popular homework question should provide some relief: 

How to convert 4 oz. to ml? 

This customer, like many of us in the United States from time to time, was having a bit of trouble with the metric system. Luckily, this straightforward question garnered a straightforward answer. The tutor who responded explained that 1 ounce was the equivalent of 29.57 mls, which meant 4 ounces could then be considered 118.28 mls. The math, once you know the conversion, is simple: 4 x 29.57. 

Hoping the teacher believes your excuse isn’t much of a homework strategy.

As if to keep the theme of variety intact, the #3 homework question leading the category was related to business. The customer established a corporation’s number of shares, share values, and the number paid out to stockholders before asking: 

How are dividends and dividends payable reported in the financial statements? 

The instructor who responded to this inquiry provided a detailed breakdown of the numerical values involved. They then went on to provide an overview of how the elements are calculated: “Dividends payable should be shown in the current liabilities portion of the balance sheet. Dividends should be closed to retained earnings account, which results in reduced retained earnings balance.” 

Answers for homework questions online

The three homework inquiries highlighted here are based in three different subject areas. Exploring the various questions already asked on JustAnswer will reveal that this variance is ongoing. As such, you can rest assured that when you put a question forward, there will be someone capable of helping – regardless of the subject in question. 

A helping hand can make all the difference when it comes to completing homework, understanding an assignment and preparing for exams. The Experts on JustAnswer have helped students with a wide range of homework issues and questions. Whether you’ve hit a roadblock with a calculus assignment or you need some guidance with your Spanish homework, getting the help of a dependable tutor is much easier than travelling to the nearest classroom.

For help with your homework, don’t just suffer in silence, hoping your next class provides enough time for a focus on what’s holding you back. Ask an Expert on JustAnswer, and get the assistance you need, when you need it. 

Do you believe in the benefits of online homework help and tutoring? Are you against it? Share your thoughts in the comments! 



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