OpenAI’s latest AI text generator GPT3 and AI Competition for school students – Weekly Guide

The world news is currently overwhelmed with the coronavirus pandemic, and the field of Artificial Intelligence is no different. In most of our previous weekly guides, we have also talked about how AI is attempting to reduce the impact of the pandemic. But in this week’s AI guide, we will take a different course and talk about OpenAI’s latest version of the text generator, the GPT-3 and the IBM EdTech Youth Challenge.

Early adopters amazed by OpenAI’s latest AI text generator GPT3

OpenAI Inc. recently made its GPT-3 general-purpose natural language processing model available in private beta. GPT-3 is the latest version of its text generator and its capabilities are leaving the early testers amazed. 

GPT stands for Generative Pretrained Transformer, and GPT-3 is the third version of the same. It is a general-purpose language algorithm that answers questions, translates text, and predictively write new text. It analyzes a sequence of words, text, or another kind of data and produces original output in the form of an article or image by expanding on these examples. 

The previous model, GPT-2, was somewhat controversial given its ability to create coherent and extremely realistic fake news based on something really simple, say an opening sentence. The potential of misuse of GPT-2 was massive, and hence the algorithm was never made publicly available. But with GPT-3, the algorithm is more powerful than ever. 

CBSE and IBM Announce Competition on Artificial Intelligence for School Students, Winners to Get Internship Opportunities

The IBM EdTech Youth Challenge for school students is the recent announcement made by IBM and CBSE. It is a competition to encourage students and teachers to team up and leverage emerging technologies to solve existing real-world problems. They can implement solutions with cloud computing, artificial intelligence, Blockchain, and more to solve the imminent problems faced by society. 

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