Pit bulls: How dangerous are they?

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To those who love them, pit bulls are one of the most misunderstood dog breeds. To those who fear them, pit bulls pose a safety issue serious enough to call for a ban of the breed in their town or state.

Rules about pit bull ownership actually vary state-by-state or even county. Laws about pit bulls started surfacing in the mid-1980s when a few cases of child deaths from pit bull attacks were widely reported in the news. To this day, we unfortunately associate pit bulls with these kinds of occurrences, dog fighting or criminal activity.

In truth, the reason pit bulls are chosen for dog fighting or protection is because they are very strong dogs. They do indeed possess the ability to kill people, especially children or other small animals, not because they are more ferocious than other breeds, but because they are among the strongest. 

As Jane Lefler, an animal behaviorist on JustAnswer puts it, “All dogs will consider small animals to be prey and find them especially entertaining when they run. This isn’t strictly a pit bull trait, but a dog trait.”

Walter, another breeder on JustAnswer, points out that children should be supervised around all large breed dogs, not just pit bulls. Alternatively he admits that pit bulls can be trained to accentuate their aggression. Unfortunately when this training is paired with their strength, they can pose a larger threat.

If you have or are planning on having a pit bull as a pet, it’s important to be aware of the pit bull laws where you live. A lawyer on JustAnswer confirms that you have to comply with either the state or county laws, or be subject to fines or penalties. In addition, if your dog bites someone and you are found to be negligent (i.e. not in compliance with the dog laws) you could be liable to the injured person for personal injury type damages.

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