Role of AI in preventing Fake News – Weekly Guide

Artificial Intelligence is spearheading the way towards eliminating fake and toxic news from our lives. People are bombarded with information every single minute of each day. Every minute 98,000 tweets, 160 emails, and 160 videos are tweeted, sent, and uploaded respectively. In this week’s guide, we will discuss how AI helps to prevent the spread of fake news and which country is leading the AI race. 

Fake News Is Rampant, Here Is How Artificial Intelligence Can Help

Thanks to the efforts put in by startups such as Logically, Artificial intelligence (AI) is now on the job to combat the spread of misinformation on the internet and social platforms. AI has the ability to analyse large amounts of information generated daily with humans being part of the process of fact-checking to ensure credibility.

Logically is a UK-based startup that was founded in 2017 by Lyric Jain, an alum of Cambridge and MIT. He developed a solution to combine artificial intelligence and human intelligence for the purpose of verifying the veracity of news, images, and social discussions. The AI algorithms developed by Logically use natural language processing to analyse and understand the text. The models label the credibility of the content source and rates it as low, medium, and high in terms of credibility. It does this by based on comparisons of similar content from more than 100,000 sources. 

US leading race in artificial intelligence, China rising: Survey

A research report suggests that the United States is leading when it comes to the development and use of artificial intelligence and China is rising quickly as the European Union lags behind.

A study by the Information Technology and Innovation Foundation assessed 30 different metrics such as research activity, human talent, commercial development and investment in hardware and software to assess AI initiatives in various countries.

With a score of 44.6 points on a 100-point scale, the United States leads the AI race followed by China at 32 and EU at 23.3 based on the year 2020 data. 

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