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Everyone loves going on, especially somewhere abroad where you’ll find more sun, different cultures, and new foods to try. However, with the pound fallen against the euro and dollar, going overseas will be more expensive this summer.

But your holiday doesn’t have to break the bank. Money Experts on JustAnswer can help you slash your costs and travel cheaper with affordable suggestions tailored for you.  

To get you started, here are five of the best money-saving tips. You’ll be surprised at how much you can save online. 

  1.  Book your flights via a code sharing agreement. This involves booking a flight with one airline, but boarding a flight operated by another. Get one of these deals and you can save a lot of money. Otherwise with Easyjet’s Flexifares, you can get free lounge access passes, picnic seats, and potentially save £100s on your next holiday. 
  2.  Get an all-inclusive deal. Sometimes, these deals can work out cheaper than booking flights, accommodation and activities separately. You may need to do a bit of research, but it’s research that could make the difference between an affordable holiday, and a massive overspend. 
  3.  Most debit and credit cards charge a transaction fee when you use the hole in the wall on holiday. Avoid these fees by applying for a specialist or pre-paid card, which allows you to spend normally without incurring extra payments. Some cards offer rewarding exchange rates and cashback too. Look for deals here
  4. Turn off your data. Every year, lots of Brits get unexpected bills because of roaming charges. If you really need to use the internet on your phone, consider a bolt-on supplement, or even swapping your SIM for an international one.   
  5.  With a bit of preparation, you can find great deals in pound shops for aerosols and sun tan lotion. But make sure to check the labels so you get the protection you need in hotter climates. 

Of course, everyone’s plans are different, but there’s no substitute for talking to an Expert, who can provide tailored solutions to fit your needs.  

So if you need help looking for cheap flights, affordable car hire, insurance or mobile phone data, then Money Experts on JustAnswer are available 24/7 to answer your questions.  

Save money and treat yourself to a brighter, more relaxing holiday – ask your question today


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