The JustAnswer Curiosity Report: Summer 2022

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Market-driven Money Worries, Along with Interest in Wellness and Homeopathic Treatments and Home Improvement + Repairs Kept JustAnswer Experts Busy This Summer

Summer 2022, especially when compared to last year, saw a sizable spike in people turning to JustAnswer for professional help with navigating market volatility affecting retirement accounts, along with increases in people guidance on homeopathic remedies, parenting and other general wellness topics. In addition, JustAnswer’s home improvement and repairs experts were particularly busy in recent months. 


Top Trending Topics by Question Volume: Summer 2022 

Seeking Financial Guidance in a Down Market 

JustAnswer’s finance category saw an unprecedented volume of questions over the past few months as people watched nervously while stock market drops started to drain prior gains on etirement accounts. For example, JustAnswer Finance experts answered more than 1,650 questions on 401ks specifically since March. And questions about social security also increased by 40% over 2021 numbers. 

Home Improvement & DIY Repairs on the Rise 

Despite the fact that people are no longer confined to home and are venturing out for travel and socializing in record numbers, the number of folks turning to JustAnswer’s online experts for help with minor projects and repairs is on the rise. The Home + Appliance Repairs category overall saw a 28% YOY increase over last summer, with more than 38,000 questions processed by JA pros. Specifically, the hottest topics by question volume were: 

  • Small appliance – up +71% 
  • Small engine – up +15% 
  • Pool & Spa – up +8% 
  • Landscaping – up +6% 

Wellness Categories Continue to Grow

Wellness category questions surged this summer, showing an increase of 17% over the year before. But within this category it was homeopathic remedies that surged the most, increasing  84% YOY for the same time period in 2022. Mental Health (up 8%) and Parenting (up 39%) were also especially popular topics this summer. 

“You Asked What?” Most Unusual Queries on JustAnswer This Summer

As usual this summer, JustAnswer’s experts received some odd or head-scratching questions. Here were a few that stood out: 

  • Is there any way to find out if my UFO sighting was picked up by radar? We’re in Michigan and were walking our dogs and just happened to look up and saw a silver triangular craft with bright lights underneath mover east under the clouds It only lasted 5 seconds. 
  • What is YOLO short for? 
  • Is it proper for someone to ask a family member to dinner and tell them to pay their own way? 
  • Is there a place that pays money for dead flashlight batteries? My brother has a 5 gallon bucket full of batteries 


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