The JustAnswer February Curiosity Report – Feb 2022

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Homework, Landscaping and Plastic Surgery Rack up Most Questions in February 

Self- and home-improvement themes are bubbling up in JustAnswer’s Curiosity Report for February. Plus, odd-ball questions that make you question your own dreams.

February Trending Topics by Question Volume

First, by the numbers, here are the topics that trended most when it came to conversations with JustAnswer experts this past month. 

  • Homework – up 89%.
    • Has online learning made students more savvy when it comes to help with homework? Questions on essays and long papers ballooned to 127% and 161% respectively, while pre-calculus queries were up 133%.
  • Landscaping – up 33%.
    • The last few dreary weeks of winter may have sparked people’s need for vibrant spring colors. Given that the best time to plant flowers is after the last frost, it’s no wonder why JustAnswer is seeing an uptick on questions about landscaping.
  • Plastic Surgery – up 31%.
    • Those who didn’t list Botox as part of their New Year’s resolutions may be doubling down as questions on plastic surgery are up for the month. That could be because the cold weather and lack of vitamin D are known to increase the appearance of aging, or that we’re tired of seeing our lined forehead on Zoom calls. 
  • Landlord-tenant law – up 28%.
    • Many experts say the most affordable rental leases are signed between December and March. This may explain why questions about landlord and tenant law are cropping up in February. 
  • GPS – up 27%.
    • As spring break approaches and as some mask mandates continue to relax, travel is expected to increase. Especially coming out of such long periods of constraint, people may be asking more questions about GPS to ensure they have what they need to get out of dodge and finally let loose and have a little fun. 

TrendingCategoriesThey asked what?

Maybe it’s the looming tax deadline or Valentine’s Day that inspired people to ask these quirky questions around potentially getting rich or being more efficient. 

  • “I dreamed of a frozen canned ham – what does this mean?”
  • “What are my lucky numbers?”
  • “How can I get on Shark Tank?” 
  • “How can I make a support for a beer tower cake like this one?” 






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