The top 3 tips for selling your house quickly

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You’ve decided to sell your house; you’ve maybe even contacted your realtor and started packing. Although you are beginning to move on and think about the next home, it’s important to spend time and a little money fixing up the house you are preparing to leave, because it could mean a higher asking price or a faster closing. So before that For Sale sign goes up, consider these ideas to help you sell your house quicker:

1) Make sure the basics are in good shape

A new coat of paint or a few fresh flowers on the doorstep won’t distract buyers away from foundation leaks, old roofs, bad odors such as cat urine, faulty electrical wiring or old furnaces. Before you begin any curb appeal projects or small renovations, make sure to spend your money on the things that really matter to buyers. Deciding to replace your roof or change out your old furnace will also give you a sense of what you have left to spend on renovations or smaller improvements.

You can talk with Home Improvement Specialists about your home’s major fixes first. They can help you assess where your money is best spent.

2) Kitchen and bathroom renovations offer the best return on investment

According to an architect on JustAnswer, your best return on investment is going to be in the kitchen or bathroom. On the inexpensive end, you could spend around $500- $1000 on new faucets, lighting fixtures, towel bars and new paint on the walls and cabinets. Adding a new glaze to your tub to make it look sparkly clean only runs around $300 – $400.

If you’re not in a hurry to sell your house, consider that kitchen and bathroom remodels, or adding a second bathroom usually recoup 90 -100% of the cost when you go to sell the house. Kitchen remodels average around $15,000, while a full bath remodel averages around $10,000.

3) Don’t balk at curb appeal

The front of your house and your front yard are what buyers see first. Much like the advice to “make a good first impression” when interviewing for a job, the front of your house is like the firm hand shake and smiling face you want to put forward.

Rick, a Home Improvement Specialist on JustAnswer is a firm believer in curb appeal, so we asked him what areas he would focus on when trying to sell a home. “I would focus on areas like new exterior and interior paint and landscaping first. Contact a local painter for a free estimate on a new paint job for the exterior—they run around $3000 – $4000 in urban areas, but can be more or less depending on where you live. I would also focus on new landscaping in the front including new sod, which runs about 32 cents per sq. ft. or just some new fresh annuals. You could spend anywhere from a few hundred to a few thousand on landscaping. Also, a new front door is a nice way to welcome buyers, and that can run you about $1000 – $2000. Finally, if you have hardwood floors and they look tired, have them refinished. If you don’t want to spend a lot of money or time on refinishing, Holloway House’s “Quick Shine” costs about $10 a room and puts on a pretty good shine.”

Once you’ve made sure your house is in good condition, clear the clutter and have that For Sale sign installed.

Did you know you can talk with electricians, small and large appliance technicians, plumbers, landscapers and much more? Home Improvement Specialist on JustAnswer can talk with you about any part of your house.


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