There’s no such a thing as an awkward question

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Have you ever wanted to know something, but been too embarrassed to ask about it? Or felt your question might seem silly or unnecessary?

You’ve come to the right place with JustAnswer, where there’s no such thing as an awkward question.

Maybe you have a medical concern, but you’re not sure if it’s bad enough for a doctor’s appointment? We all have these fears and insecurities, and can feel awkward about going to our GP to discuss them. We may not want to discuss them with our friends and family, or have a question we don’t want to make in public.

With JustAnswer, there’s no need to be shy. You can ask your question anonymously at any time, and receive a non-judgemental answer from certified Experts.

Asking questions is completely natural and we have thoughts and doubts that we would like to be put at ease. When you ask an Expert on JustAnswer, you can do so without fear or judgement.

Whether it’s a medical question you don’t want to ask your GP, a legal question you feel you should already know the answer, or a pet question where you’re not sure you’re overreacting, let JustAnswer put your mind at rest today.


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