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One of the best perks of having a JustAnswer membership is the unlimited access to verified Experts at the top of their fields. With that in mind, we asked David, a highly rated mechanic on JustAnswer, to share his best tips to ensure your car is always operating at peak performance. 

Regular replenishment is key: Your car’s oil filter and air filter become clogged over time, so it’s important to renew them regularly. They can be replaced as part of scheduled car servicing, but both are relatively simple jobs, so you might want to give it a try yourself–and save money in the process! 

Fluid Levels 
Always keep an eye on these: Fluids are your car’s lifeblood and failing to replenish them may have dire consequences. Check your engine oil monthly to make sure it’s a light yellowy-brown color and falls between the minimum and maximum markers. Other areas to check monthly include the coolant and the windshield washer fluid. 

Spark Plugs 
Out with the old, in with the new: It’s important to replace spark plugs when needed in order to keep your engine humming–and this is another straightforward job you can do yourself. When inspecting a spark plug, check that it has a light brown electrode and insulator, no signs of melting and no signs of wear or deposits. If they don’t pass each of these checks, it’s time for them to go! 

Easy Does It 
Smooth moves pay off: Driving smoothly is important for your car and doing so will reduce component wear and make your fuel last longer. Simple things like operating the steering wheel, gearbox, and pedals in a steady manner are key, along with always looking far ahead to reduce the need for sudden braking.  

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