True or False: A Magnet Can Destroy Your Devices

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 We’re going to start by answering, True: A magnet could destroy the hard drive on your computer. But that magnet would have to be something like this one:

 It’s a neodymium magnet, considered to be the world’s strongest magnets. It’s possible that you have one one of these magnets lying around your house, but it’s unlikely. Just as Tech Expert, Josh, replies on JustAnswer, “It’s a very unlikely scenario but you can destroy a hard drive with a magnet if you have a powerful enough one.” The operative words here being “unlikely scenario.” And in some home tests, the neodymium magnets didn’t affect the hard drive at all. So the real truth is, even with the world’s strongest magnet, it’s still only a possibility.


In general, the idea that magnets will destroy your home PC or devices is a myth. Even though nearly all technology is built with magnets, including neodymium magnets, they are not susceptible to magnetic field disruption. Especially weak household magnets that you are more likely to have in your home. The only real exception to this rule is if you were to use the compass app on your phone. A magnet could affect a magnetometer or Hall Effect device built into phones for the compass.


Final verdict? False. Magnets can’t destroy your devices.




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