We are limited only by our imagination, we should keep trying new things- Gaurav, PGP AIML

Making a shift in career or taking a big step towards making your dreams come true might seem a little scary and intimidating at first, but the right guidance and support definitely makes this transition a little easier. Gaurav was able to put aside his fear and achieve what he set out to. Read further to know what he has to say about his experience at Great Learning’s PGP AIML program.

It has been one year since I started my journey with Great Learning for the AIML course. I was very sceptical when I joined GL last year as the fee amount was huge. I joined in Bangalore but suddenly had to come back to Noida due to personal reasons, the course was very flexible and I was able to join further classes in Gurgaon.

I was pretty sure that I will get a job in AI domain after completing the course, I use to interact with our mentors regarding job search during the course. Mukesh sir advised me to start applying after covering neural networks and some NLP and image processing coursework, after completing my 9th residency, I was actively looking for a job and by God’s grace, I got placed in my first interview itself! And with a 40% hike. I use to be in AS400 (mainframe), now I will be into ML and AI things. I really want to thank Rajeev Sir as he taught us that we are limited only by our imagination, we should keep trying new things. The concepts that he explained were very complex but he made sure that it was simple for us to grasp.

Narayana sir, encouraged us to start reading research papers. He showed us how to challenge ourselves. Now, after completing the course, I can say that I am more mindful, I see general problems as an opportunity for improvement and I still read research papers.
Thank you Great Learning, for providing such a platform.

Source : https://www.mygreatlearning.com/blog/artificial-intelligence/