Weekly AI Round up December IV

The culmination of this decade showcases the AI buzz throughout miscellaneous industries. Ranging from the prediction of winning sports bets to exploring human decisions – AI seems to have been conquering it all!

With online betting in sports hitting peak popularity, it combines statistical predictions along with luck. This is the reason why we see entrepreneurs exploiting AI and its technologies to create solutions for this  Logically, the prediction of an outcome amounts to analysing data – tons and tons of data. This data needs to be skillfully processed with the only objective of winning. And considering the field of AI, it is possible that well-researched algorithms are beyond capable of performing the same.

C.M. Naveen Phatak inaugurated a standalone AI Research Centre in Bhubaneshwar, at Centre of Excellence on Artificial Intelligence at the College of Engineering and Technology. The Centre proposes to conduct research on different problems of the industry and create software programs in order to solve them. Around 30 students along with the industry experts are to work at the Centre in the areas of both competence developments in AI and Internet of Things, and research in newer areas of the technology.

Brazil has recently proposed to adopt a national AI strategy as a response to the worldwide race for leadership. This, after having considered the pervasive nature of the application and its related technologies. Essentially, their aim to use AI to not only boost competitiveness and productivity, but also address social issues such as inequality, public safety, and quality of life for its citizens.

AI seems to have created an impact in every essence of human existence. An Ohio State lab is working to establish a new standard for the use of Artificial Intelligence by combining elements of ‘Capture the Flag’ and ‘Big Brother’ (a reality television show). According to Micheal Rayo, the lab’s co-director, the Cognitive Systems Engineering Laboratory is studying the effects of AI assistance in human decision-making, a move to incorporate AI into society!

With the machine proving to learn and adjust to various situations on a daily basis, it is entirely evident that as time passes, the machine will only get smarter and respond diversely to achieve better outputs. Hence, utilizing AI along these lines seems to have given producers an edge and hence, prompting AI applications in sensor innovations and process optimisations. Moreover, utilisation of AI for upstream design purposes, nonetheless, is an undiscovered business opportunity that could not only decrease the time it takes to find new materials and commercialisation strategies, but also open up capital for deployment.

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