Weekly Artificial Intelligence Round-Up – February 22, 2019

Here’s our weekly round-up of the most essential reads on Artificial Intelligence from across the Internet:

  1. AI:It’s just like us: Researchers have made an AI whose performance improves when they let it ‘dream’. They’ve configured a sleep state for the algorithm which cycles through existing information and unlearning unnecessary data, and then consolidating what’s left, the important stuff. This has resulted in higher accuracy scores for the algorithm.
  2. A wealth of AI jobs: According to NASSCOM, India has created 170,000 tech jobs in 2018. The demand for AI, analytics, cybersecurity professionals are in high demand.
  3. AI picks up its pen: Artificial Intelligence is now able to write fiction, but researchers are desisting to open-source the code for fear of misuse. Researchers are concerned that miscreants could use the code to generate large amounts of fake news.  
  4. Elon Musk quits OpenAI: Through OpenAI, Musk used to champion the cause of building a benevolent AI that won’t wipe out our species but has now left the group citing differences with the direction. Musk has not made it clear why he is leaving the group, raising speculations that he might be leaving to spend more time at Tesla and SpaceX.
  5. No Country for Professionals: A top NASSCOM official has stated that the tech industry’s market performance is being affected due to a shortage of 230,000 skilled techies as jobs in AI and Big Data are estimated to be 780,000 by 2021.
  6. There’s an artist in everyone: AI algorithm ‘paints’ a piece of art worth $435,000, and it uses a clever algorithm to generate a period piece. But why is it worth so much?

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Source : https://www.mygreatlearning.com/blog/artificial-intelligence/