Weekly Artificial Intelligence Round-Up – March 13, 2019

Here’s our weekly round-up of the most essential reads on Artificial Intelligence from across the Internet:
1. Top 5 Successful Startups led by women: A list of startups in India that are led by women, featuring pioneering startups such as Rivigo, Zestmoney, Bash.ai and more.
2. Google uses Machine Learning to predict floods in India: Google’s Flood forecasting project helps to predict floods in Patna, using machine learning to predict the likelihood of flooding.
3. Candidates take recruitment test powered by AI: 534 candidates have received job offers from companies, after taking a recruitment test that was unsupervised by humans, called an Auto-Proctoring test.
4. AI powered ‘Bolo’ improves reading skills by 64% in UP: Google launches Bolo, which helps children improve their reading skills by encouraging them to read aloud, and verify it through a speech-recognition feature.
5. 5 must-haves on your Artificial Intelligence Resume: To land an AI job, you’ll need to know these programming languages, concepts of machine learning, and some engineering science.
6. 3 Machine Learning models used by Spotify to recommend music: Spotify uses Convolutional Neural Networks, Natural Language Processing and collaborative filtering to power their flagship recommendation feature.

Source : https://www.mygreatlearning.com/blog/artificial-intelligence/

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