What Causes Stress?

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Do you want to soar, as a person, in your career, in your business? On this planet, there’s always an upside and downside.

What makes your balloon fly higher

What personal things lift your career and your business? These are things like your education, your ambition and your drive, your training and skills. You’re never quite satisfied and always strive to add to your repertoire. Maybe better business plans or interviewing techniques. Be it having superior connections and networks or leadership skills and financial backing just as a few examples.

What holds your balloon down

The extra weight and ballast slow you down. There could be many things. But the weight which can pull you down so often is stress. We overlook stresses because it is often hidden.  You have a challenging situation, perhaps something different and unusual. You handle it the best you can. And yet afterward you think I could have done this or that. Why didn’t I think and remember to manage it differently?

According to SciStress, which is a science-based stress management system, here is the most insidious effect of stress:  

When you feel stress, your old subconscious brain immediately pulls blood out of your thinking mind. This was an old survival trick 100,000 years ago. And still, this old part of your brain has not yet adapted. Therefore, even today when you feel too much pressure, stress, your brain will make your thinking foggy and your memory weaker. So if you try to think and your judgment is just a little bit reduced you can see and feel how your performance suffers.

The 2nd factor why stress can be so powerful to sabotage you in your job and business is that we never learn how to manage it. Neither in school nor at our universities. 

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