What does my dream mean? Common dreams and their interpretations

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Which dreams do JustAnswer’s visitors encounter most often? And what do they mean?

For all the dreaming we do, most of us have little to no control over what we see once we lay down for the night. Some can’t even remember their dreams at all, which is always disappointing – you could be missing out on some interesting adventures, after all. On the other hand, some people find themselves plagued by nightmares on a nightly basis. 

If you’re fortunate enough to remember them, and they aren’t of the nightmarish variety, you might still be unclear on the dream meanings. Dream interpretation is an imprecise, subjective science, and as such, there isn’t any one concrete list of symbols and their meanings. Every dreamer has their own feelings and experiences, which lend unique interpretations to what they’ve seen. 

At the same time, taking a look at some of the most commonly encountered dreams and their meanings might just reveal details about some of your own. 

Looking into common dreams about death

Sometimes our dreams are peaceful, enjoyable adventures, the details of which we struggle to remember after waking. Other times, they’re alarming, downright scary sequences that end up haunting us for hours – or even days – afterward. Often, the dreams that leave a distinct impression on us are based on death. These dreams, aside from carrying the potential to be particularly upsetting, can be very confusing.  

They’re also pretty common, given that two questions related to death in dreams recently accounted for nearly 10% of all the views in JustAnswer’s dream interpretation category. Given that so many people seemed to have the same questions over the course of a year, it’s natural to hope that there were answers to be found. Luckily, thanks to the Experts on JustAnswer, there were!  

What does it mean when you dream of a person who died and has come back to life? I have had this dream twice.  

Mrs. SandMan, an Expert within the field of dream interpretation on JustAnswer, offered some insights regarding this type of dream: 

“Dreaming of a person who has died and then has come back to life can be symbolizing something in that person ending, and then having a rebirth, or a new beginning of sorts.” She then went on to cover some of the other possibilities, including: 

  • Fears of the past coming back to impact a current relationship
  • The death of one aspect of your own life (depending on the relationship of the deceased to you) as a new one begins
  • Dreams that repeat could indicate that your subconscious wants you to pay attention to what it’s showing you

Common dream meanings include some related to nightmares

Even bad dreams can mean much more than they seem to at first.

What does it mean to dream of your dead parents dying again?

Before beginning his analysis, Dr. Norman Brown, a dream interpreter on JustAnswer, pointed out that “cultivating a conversation about the imagery and the context of the dream leads to a much better interpretation”, as opposed to simply providing a basic explanation of the symbols you encounter in your dreams. Looking up meanings and definitions without taking your own feelings, emotions, and experiences into consideration will limit the range and accuracy of your findings. 

That being said, Dr. Brown was able to provide some insights based on his own expertise, as well as what the customer told him regarding their circumstances. These points might also apply to your dreams, but the only way to be certain is to consider your own emotions and experiences. Some possible meanings for dreams like this include:  

  • Unexpressed grief for their deaths
  • Unfinished and unresolved issues from before their passing
  • Regrets for how your life went, including areas in which you believe you’re not living up to parental expectations
  • Emotions that should be addressed in some fashion

These questions related to death in dreams have been much more popular with female customers, as women accounted for nearly double the views accumulated from male users. In any case, speaking with a therapist as part of emotion-focused counseling could be a solution if any of these meanings seem to mesh with your own feelings. 

Blurry dreams are more common than you might’ve thought

The symbolism in our dreams can be clear as day … sometimes. Even the least astute of interpreters can figure it out when you encounter painfully obvious imagery from your subconscious. But in other cases, the symbolism can be hard to read – including those occasions when the dream itself isn’t clear. 

Blurry dreams are odd, and can make for a unique kind of challenge: How are you supposed to take meaning from a dream that was so blurry you couldn’t even see anything? Luckily, the blurriness itself can be interpreted! 

I have frequent dreams where my vision is blurry and I can’t see properly.

Blurriness in dreams, like any form of symbolism, could be traced to a whole host of different possibilities. It could mean that there’s something you haven’t yet accepted in your waking life, or that there’s a problem you’re purposely not confronting. It can also be representative of: 

  • Suspicions that someone in your life is hiding something from you
  • A lack of control over aspects of your life
  • Your failure to make necessary changes in your day to day life
  • A literal change in eyesight that has led to the need for a new prescription

More than 15,000 people recently sought out this question, and if you’re one of those who isn’t sure that you’ve found your answer, there’s more you can do. Finding a dream interpreter on your own, one who understands how to get to the bottom of what you’re seeing, isn’t always a simple matter. Unless you have a dependable source for verified professionals! 

The Experts on JustAnswer are always available when you need them, regardless of what day of the week it is, and all you need is a functioning internet connection. Reach out today for the answers to your burning, sleeping questions!

Have you had any of these dreams? Or were yours even weirder? Share your nighttime adventures in the comments below! 



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