What is freezer burn and how do you prevent it?

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It has happened to everyone. You pull that perfect piece of meat out of the freezer to find out that it has been overrun by dreaded ice crystals. How did this happen? It looked completely normal a few months ago when you placed it in the freezer for safe keeping. Now what has gone from an appetizing dinner has turned into a search for take out menus.

The good news about freezer burn is the freezer isn’t to blame. We checked with an appliance expert who put our suspicions about freezer burn to rest. The fact of the matter is freezer burn can happen to almost anything you place in the freezer. The “burn” process happens when moisture from the outer layers of the food evaporates into the freezer air, leaving behind dry pockets in the tissue of the food. Oddly enough this process is used to make freeze dried foods.

In order to stave off freezer burn, you should try to reduce the food’s exposure to air. Large items should be wrapped in a double layer of plastic wrap or aluminum foil before being placed in a container or plastic freezer bag. For smaller items, place them in portion sized containers so the food fills the majority of the container leaving little space for additional trapped air. Taking these steps will help but will not prevent freezer burn entirely. Foods that have been frozen for an extended period of time will eventually begin to develop freezer burn regardless of how you stored them originally.

If you don’t want that piece of meat to go to waste, you can still eat it. Foods affected by freezer burn are safe to eat but they texture and taste may have changed. Looking for additional freezer storage tips? Check out this website >



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